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She doesn't have an occupation, she's lost in life.

AgeYounger than most
ResidenceShe is now in Aldburg after recent adventures around Rohan

Folk of Aldburg

Outward Appearance

((My drawing.  The actress is Ksenia Solo.))



Race/Ethnicity: Rohirrim

Skin Tone: Aud has a creamy pale skin tone that is soft whenever someone touches her.  However, her hands would be callused in contrast from training with bows and fighting.  Her skin bruises surprisingly easily as well, but she seems to not really care about it.

Height: Unusually short, especially for a Rohirrim

Body Type: Aud is very athletic for her short stature.  She has an active lifestyle that keeps her fit. She has a natural thinness to her that is accented by her tight fitted leathers.  She's not very busty or curvy and she often wears darker hues of color because they make her appear thinner.

Eye Color:  Pale blue, almost so pale that it would be white in color.  The outer iris would have a dark ring around it that immediately whitens up as it goes towards her pupil.  They seem to have a depth in their color that gives the feeling of staring into the vastness of water that can engulf you if you spend too long looking at them.  Luckily, however, she seems to avoid eye contact when she isn't being directly confronted which keeps the light in her eyes from becoming too captivating.

Hair:  Aud has very thick hair.  It has a natural body, but would be generally straight.  Her hair would be a dirty blonde shade of color with a natural golden red hue.  This dulled blonde color is much redder in color than perhaps the average yellowish white blonde color some people have when having blonde hair but has too much brown to be classified as a full ginger hue making Aud more of a strawberry blonde.

Facial Structure: Aud has well defined features.  Her nose is a decent size in proportion to her face and her cheekbones would be softly accented beneath her pale skin.  Her eyes seem to be larger for her face which only emphasize their mesmerizing hue.  Her eyelashes are long which give the skin around her eyes a natural dark hue that contrasts with her pale blue irises.  Her lips are full and tend to either remain neutral or curl into a mischievous smirk.  On the left side of her mouth, two little freckles dot her face where her dimple would be whenever she does smile.  Her hair falls over her shoulder in silky waves amd often times is cut short around her face to keep the bangs out of her eyes.

Family: Audelwyn is the daughter of Ceolmund and Sunngifu.  Her father's brother, Forthstan, lives in Harwick with Ceolmund while the location of Sunngifu is unknown. Audelwyn also has a living cousin, Ceolswith.  For the rest of her family tree, please follow this link: Audelwyn's Family.

Education: Aud has some basic education.  She isn't the best at reading and writing although that is mostly for her apathetic take on the subject matter.  She knows basic healing however from growing up with her dad being a healer.  When it comes to fighting, Aud has a lot of experiences and have been given plenty of tips over the years that has developed her own sort of style.  She is fairly good for her structure when it comes to fighting, but she has very little defined training.  The only thing she has a very well defined training in is archery.  Aud has also learned how to cook and clean if she really wanted too, but Aud tends to have very little ambition to push herself into those rolls.

Languages Spoken: Aud only speaks Rohirric fluently.  She knows a bit of Dunael (language of Dunland) to speak it in a conversation, but not enough to be entirely fluent.  

Weapons: Aud has some skills in hand to hand combat, swordsmanship, and moreso in the bow and arrow.  She has recently looked into learning how to fight with a spear, but is not skilled in it at all.

Special Abilities/Skills: I think the most special ability Aud could have is her ability to drink.  She's good at drinking.  Does that count?

Problems/Flaws: Aud has a drinking issue and also has a bad habit of doing the opposite of what other people want her to do.  There's a little rebellious voice in her and it takes over whenever someone directly confronts her.   Along with that, she tends to procrastinate on work a lot.  If she doesn't like to do a specific task, unless it is hunting or something she finds fun, she'll put it off to the last second.  She's a bit lazy in that way.  But at the same time, Aud has a problem with accepting help which is somewhat odd.  For a woman who often times acts selfish, she is also too prideful to seek out help for her problems. 

Valuables:  Aud's necklace is one of her most valuable pieces.  When looking at her, sometimes you might be able to catch a glimpse of a piece of what could have been pottery at once.  It was smoothed down and a brown carving in an intricate design.  It isn't anything fancy, just a small circle attached to a black string that is tight loosely around Aud's neck.  The only memento Aud has of her mother.  On the same strap of leather, Aud also has a Bema pendant of which she personally places a lot of value on.  She also always has her bow on her back.  It is long and almost comes up to Aud's shoulders if she sets it onto the ground.  Along the wood, unique carvings are etched into it that Aud has carved over the course of the years.  These two objects are Aud's prized possessions and something she does not give up very easily.  

Odd Quirks: There's quite a few actually.  One of the biggest and most noticeable is her inability to remember names.  She doesn't do it intentionally, but more as a thoughtless negligence.  Often times you can introduce yourself and by the end of the conversation she'll have so much in her mind that the name completely goes over her head.  Another noticeable quirk about Aud is that she tends to fidget a lot.  She'll lean against her bow, then the counter, then her bow, then look up and then down.  This tends to happen because Aud lets her mind wander too much.  Letting her mind wander is what allows her to come up with off the wall comments, but at the same time it also makes her distracted and less focused which leads her to becoming fidgety.  The next and less noticeable quirk Aud has is she often times shuts one eye in the middle of the conversation while the other still focuses.  Now this comes from allergies Aud naturally has.  Her eyes dry out a lot thus causing them to sting.  In order to rehydrate the dried eye, Aud will shut one eye without realizing that she is.  There's a few others too I could add, but to save space I'll leave them out and let you try to figure it out in rp. ;D


Personality: At times she has been rash and does not always make the best decisions, although never intentionally (when sober). Aud is very quick-witted and playfully sarcastic. Her one-liners often help relieve tension.  Aud  can be reluctant to trust those she encounters.  She is very good at pretending to be different people and putting on fake aliases if she has to from when she had to resort to that to keep herself out of unwanted trouble.

Animals: Audelwyn has three horses. Wiver is her main riding horse.  A fairly small horse with thinner features.  Wiver has a messy pelt of different shades of brown and whites as well as often rabbit fur lined blanket beneath her saddle when Aud rides her.  Along with Wiver, Audelwyn has a very small horse with a red and white painted coat.  This horse is too small to ride but could be a packhorse, however the horse is too stubborn to be utilized.  But Audelwyn loves her anyway.  Clifwine is the largest of the three and once belonged to Eorland, but after Eorland's death, Audelwyn took him on as her own and tended to the horse.  She couldn't bring herself to selling the horse.  Recently she's adopted a white dog with black spots and floppy ears to be her hunting hound.  His name is Heardmód.

Aud's Parents: Years before Aud's birth, her parents, Sunngifu and Ceolmund, met in Harwick. It wasn't a love at first sight sort of thing, in fact it wasn't love at any point in their marriage. They married for mor practical reasons than anything. Ceolmund's brother, Forthstan, had already been married and his parents pressured for him to be married as well.  And so Sunngifu​ and Ceolmund were wed.  Within a short time, Sunngifu was pregnant, but her relationship with her husband did not grow like the child in her womb.  They fought constantly as her husband seemed to be too wild to handle being in a family.  He drank and carried out affairs which angered Sunngifu more and more as her pregnancy went on.  Finally the baby came whom Sunngifu named Audelwyn after her own mother.  But still the marriagitalproblems only intensified with a needy baby involved.  Although as Sunngifu's hatred burned for Ceolmund, something about the hidden spirit behind the mask of a housewife caused Ceolmund to actually fall in love with his wife.  It was too late though for Ceolmund.  One early morning Ceolmund found the bed beside him empty as Sunngifu had disappeared into the mists of the early dawn.  She left behind the child for Ceolmund to look after, leaving him as a single father.  

Aud's Childhood: She never knew her mom growing up and Ceolmund refused to ever talk about her mother to Aud.  Whenever Aud tried to bring her mother up to her father, her father would grow angry with her.  Often times he'd respond with a slap across her cheek and a snarl for her to not talk of such topics.  This never put the two into a very good relationship for it almost seemed to Aud that Ceolmund took out all his frustration with Sunngifu onto her.  Although in reality he was just bitter.  In general, Aud's relationship with all of her family was typically strained from the time she could remember, but Aud did always manage to have some sort of relationship with her uncle Forthstran and his wife, Helga.  Part of her issues with her distant family (cousins and aunt and uncle) came from her jealousy of their complete family  while she was stuck with a dysfunctional father.  But when Aud was somewhere around thirteen, her father did something to her that she never forgave him for.  Something Aud very rarely ever speaks about willingly.

When Aud turned fourteen or fifteen, Aud's only strong female models in her life were taken away from her.  Her aunt, Helga, died and her cousin, Ceolswith, left their home for Bree.  Aud was left alone with her father whom she hated for what he did to her.  This lead Aud to become rebellious against almost everyone she ever met.  Often times she was referred to as Forwyrd - which means destruction- by a lot of people who disliked her for her wild antics.  After awhile, Ceolmund gave up on his young daughter and kicked her from her home.  She was around twenty at that time and Ceolmund was tired of being responsible for her behaviors even though they were much alike his own from when he was younger.  Aud left her home in Harwick and ended up in Stangard with her cousin, Ceolswith. 

After spending a short time in Stangard, Audelwyn decided to begin her training for Shieldmaiden.  But deep inside she knew something was wrong.  As training under Eohilda continued, Audelwyn felt herself sink lower into herself as her rambunctious antics were not appreciated by the residence of Stangard.  When an outcast by the name of Eorland traveled into town, Audelwyn acted on her natural impulsive personality and ran off with him to travel to his home and help bury his departed friends.  For some reason, Audelwyn forgets why due to not actually listening to why he wanted to, Audelwyn traveled a far distance the Eastfold.  There outside a town called Aldburg, Eorland injured himself.  On his death bed, Eorland gave Audelwyn some of his beloved trinkets.  After burring her deceased friend, Audelwyn found herself an outside once more in an unfamiliar town.  Although this time she was compeletly alone without her cousin for support.  To learn more details about her past and some of her antics, get to know Aud in game or send me a message.  


Note: Aud lives exclusively in Rohan



There's a few people like Eohilda, Aodhred, Velithryth, and Hildwine in Stangard. Her cousin Ceolu. Eorland will forever be with her despite his death. Now in Aldburg, Seaxa, Blóstma, Cynwic, and Hilda.


Cousin: Ceolu; Cousins (Dead): Forthdryt, and Frithdryt; Aunt: Helga (Dead); Uncle: Forthstan; Father: Ceolmund; Mother: Sunngifu


Ceolu is a rival of sorts. Garsig is also majorly someone Aud dislikes. There's probably a lot of people who don't really like her and would classify her as something similar to this.


Her bow is her most prized possession, but she also likes drinking, fun conversations, amusing people, and fighting. She also cares quite a but about a necklace with knot work on it from her mother and a bema pendant from her diseased friend, Eorland.


Her father is a very angry spot for her, but Aud also dislikes it when people look down on her which often times leads her to acting rebellious and doing the opposite of what they want and/or expect.


To fill a hole inside of her. Although she doesn't know how to and often does it in hazardous ways.


"Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday." -Don Marquis

Audelwyn's Adventures

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