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What is he possibly be doing in Aldburg?  HimHim in Aldburg.  I thought for once I had found a place of solace after the death of Eorland where I could mourn and gather myself in peace, but just as he did in Stangard, that beast of a man came rolling in as if he owned everything.  Like he could deal with me.  Handle me just as if I was some ruined rag able to toss into a pile of soiled clothing and roughly washed before he dragged it through whatever muck he wished to drag me through whenever he felt like. 

Walking along the pathway turning past the tavern, I spotted Hilda leaned against the low hanging wall made of stones.  Blades of grass edged the side as the pathway twisted upward behind her to lead towards the two seperate houses of which we both resided.  I felt very happy to see her for once not on the move to go to work and hopefully available for a conversation.  I very much enjoy Hilda's company as a friend.  But while I approached Hilda, he emerged from Ealuthryth’s home and interrupted us with his hungry gaze and brutish mannerisms.  His name, Garsig.

"I know you," he said at me before his eyes drifted to Hilda and roamed over her body as she was some sort of good to be bought from an artisan, "And I'd like to know you." 

My reaction came much faster than my thoughts.  Perhaps his simple disgusting gaze to Hilda forced me to remember his mannerisms that led me to the mistakes I made in the past.  Perhaps it was the need for a revenge to neutral out his past actions.  Perhaps it was my womanly emotions getting the better of me in the moment.  Perhaps it was all at once.  He said very little before I swung my fist out to him, but do my dismay the brute of a man caught me and twisted my wrist sending jolts of pain down my arm.   He squeezed it until I felt the sharp grinding of my bones as he pushed my arm down. 

"Half breed," he growled, speaking down to me, "Still haven't learned to control that temper, eh?"

A yelp of frustration leapt from my lips as my knees buckled under me ever so slightly, "What are you doing here?"

I heard Hilda exclaim behind me, “Let go of her!”

"I should ask you the same. I've got business here," He countered before his eyes lifted off me to look to Hilda.  I felt a sudden pang in my arm causing me to wince more as if he subtly forced more pressure on my wrist, "She tried to strike me first; I'm in every right to defend myself."

"If a woman a third of your height is such a threat to you,” Hilda snapped, “then perhaps you'd be better off in an infirmary than the street. You're hurting her; let go."

The grin Garsig offered Hilda held no pleasantness to it, but nonetheless he released my wrist with a soft push causing me to stumble back.  Immediately I lifted my hand up to grasp my wrist and massage the muscles deeply in attempts to ease the lingering burn from his grip.  "I will not be accosted by half-blood trash in the lanes of Aldburg." Garsig said to Hilda as he straightened his broad shoulders, "But you are right, she is nothing of a threat. I know how to deal with this one."

"You are not dealing with me in any way like you did in Stangard,” I quickly spit out at him.

"She is not something to be dealt with," I felt Hilda’s arm wrap around me, but I did not take my eyes off Garsig enough to look back to her.  Instead I let the warmth of her embrace boost my confidence while she continued to say, "At least not if you have any sense in you."

Garsig’s eyes fell on me as he spoke, "We'll see, as I recall it only took a few ales and whispered words."  I felt a shiver shoot down my spine at the sloppy, blurred memory of drinking.  The lingering recollections of the man taking me that flowed through my mind.  Of the harshness in his actions through the night and the lingering pain that lasted the day after.  I still do not know why I let him back into my life more than once back then, but I had been more than content to leave him with the fading thoughts of my past until now.  When I was younger and weaker of will, I had known Garsig.  Before my time travelling with Eorland, I lived among Garsig and many other men like him.  Eorland taught me to value myself and my honour when facing men like Garsig.  When Garsig pulled his gaze off me, the nausea in my stomach lingered as he now asked Hilda, "And who are you, her nursemaid?"

"I am her friend,” Hilda responded in my defense.  “Whatever bad blood is between you, kindly leave it behind. There is enough in this town as is."

"I'm here for blood,”Garsig laughed loudly, “not necessarily hers unless she wishes it."

Ealhild stiffened beside me, which inadvertently forced me to stiffen, "Then whose is it you've come for?"

Shifting his weight, Garsig moved his hand to rest it against the seaxa hooked to the front of his belt.  My eyes followed his motion with distrust, "Let me introduce myself, Lovely,” he said.  “I am Garsig, nephew to the slain Osgar. I am looking for the coward Tunbeorht."

"It is good to know which side of justice you are on," She says plainly, as I felt her grip on me tighten. "It is sad to see fair deaths tear us apart.”  She then let go of my shoulders and instead looped her arm through mine, “We should leave."

I did not have to think twice before I simply and curtly nodded, "Yes, we should leave."

"I truly do not care what you think is fair. He killed my kin, and his blood will soak these streets." He then smiles cruelly at us like the as if he was one of those savages, "I'll be seeing you around."

The words left me feeling cramped inside as if they were a threat.  Hilda led me down the pathway through Aldburg and away from Garsig.  Away from him.