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Sexwulf the Scop


Scop, alleged rider of Aldburg's frithgild

ResidenceHis father's home beside the barber of Aldburg

Folk of Aldburg

Outward Appearance

By his own proud reckoning, Sexwulf, with high cheekbones, stormy green eyes, and a heavy brow, is the most handsome man in the Mark. Seaxa, as he prefers to be called, is a young man of twenty-five, standing at 6'3" with the lean build of an irregular warrior, a long seax at his side, and three scars above his left eye claimed as proof of his experience. Always fashionable, his golden beard and long hair are in different styles each week, usually adorned with braids and silver beads. His tunics, often red and close-fitted, are embroidered with Eorling knotwork motifs and beneath his white cloak, a colorful treasure necklace hangs about his neck. As a rule, his scop's hands are immaculately clean and softer than most men's, not often being used for hard labour. Often accompanied by his gilded harp, he sings in a clear voice whose accent marks his origins in the Eastfold.

Banner image: The Skald by Guthbrand


Sexwulf (Seaxa) son of Wulfheah

Scop and rider of Aldburg's frithgild

So. Sons of Eorl for many a year
and the minstrel who charmed them had might and greatness.
We have heard of that scop's heroic campaigns.


Rotgar portrait by Suzanne Helmigh

In the summer of his forty-second year, Wulfheah the Lawspeaker and his wife were granted a stroke of good luck: twins. These were precious boons, the two having tried for a second child since the birth of Bearduwulf (or Bearda) their first, a decade ago. The first to be born he named Sexwulf, and the second Sexhund (later nicknamed Seaxa and Seaxel, respectively) and he was pleased by their strong cries and quick handsome eyes. In their early years, they seemed to be ready to follow in their family’s law practice, reenacting court cases like so many sons in their family had before them, learning the laws of Rohan and Aldburg, and becoming eloquent speakers in both their mother tongue and Westron. It would not last.

When he was eight years old, Seaxa picked up his first harp. It was a gift from Widsith of Beaconwatch, the youngest of his mother’s brothers, and though his parents did not know it, it was the beginning of Seaxa’s turn away from the life his father had hoped he would lead. The boy had never been an adequate match for his prodigious brother Bearda, who had won his first case in a land dispute two years prior, and though Seaxa was not a poor student, he did not have the same aptitude for law as Bearda did. Still, Seaxa persisted in hope that time would bring him the passion for his father’s profession that he desired.

When he was twelve, to his father’s dismay, he became disillusioned with his dreams of becoming successful in law, instead devoting himself to history, song, and the harp. Under the tutelage of a family friend, Deor, a scop of some renown in Aldburg, he became one too, learning to compose and recite the traditional alliterative verse of the Rohirrim. As he transitioned into manhood, he worried his mother and earned his eldest brother’s scorn when he learned the ways of battle from his neighbor Hibald, often sparring with his best friend Adda. Seaxel only furthered his parents’ worries when he was taken under the wing of his father’s younger brother and learned the secrets of runes and dreams. For a time, though the twins distanced themselves from their father’s work, they grew into talented young men.

However, the twins grew lustful as they got older, seeking women as their chief form of sport. Seaxa eschewed songs of heroes and history when it came to the fairer sex, and instead developed the habit of composing spontaneous ‘romantic’ songs for each woman he wished to lay with. When the twins were sixteen years old, Seaxel tried to drunkenly sleep with the acting Lord of Aldburg’s wife. Shaming his family, he was cast out of the burg’s walls in disgrace. His twin, Seaxa, confident in his ability as a scop and desiring his brother to have company, followed him.

They settled with their uncle Widswith in Beaconwatch, the elder scop pleased to see his favorite nephew develop his skill. In their new town, Seaxel became driven to learn from his mistake, leaving his previous lifestyle behind to become a consummate, hardworking professional runestone carver. In time, he took a wife who bore him three children, and for him, life was good. Seaxa, on the other hand, refused to change his ways, still chasing skirts and singing for kisses rather than coin. With his departure from Aldburg, he became out of practice in his fighting skills, only testing himself when fighting off angered brothers, fathers, and husbands. The brothers grew apart in their time together, though they remained devoted siblings.

Now, nine years later, Seaxa has returned to a town changed during his years away, banished from Beaconwatch by Thane Cútha for trying to woo his wife, Answith―for old habits die hard―and resides again in his family’s ancestral home. He finds himself in a home both familiar and unfamiliar, still telling stories and chasing skirts, unwilling to change into the man he is expected to be.


Adda, Gerta's nephew, was his closest friend before he left Aldburg, and Hilda's mother, Thryth was an adult he was always close to when he was young. He counts Aude as practically a kinsman, and grows fond of Ealhild and Blodeucoed. Tunbeorht is older than him by a handful of years, but they


Odalric is a cousin. His father Wulfheah, his mother Wilcum, his brother Barduwulf, and his brother's wife, Hunburg.


Thane Cútha of Beaconwatch, by virtue of Seaxa's attempts to woo his wife Answith through song.


Composing traditional verses in the style of his people, a well-placed proverb, riddles, gaining fame and honour, and women―the last too much for his own good.


The shame of defeat, the struggle to perfect his poetry, and being spurned.


The pursuit of fame both through battle and his poetry.



Sexwulf's Adventures

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Sexwulf's Adventures

Sexwulf's Gallery

Sexwulf's Gallery