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Sexwulf the Scop


Scop; Rider of Aldburg's frithgild

ResidenceHis brother's home beside the barber's in Aldburg

Folk of Aldburg

Outward Appearance

By his own reckoning, both the most skilled scop and most handsome man in the Mark. Seaxa, as he prefers to be called, is a young man of twenty-five, standing at 6'4" with the build of a practiced warrior, two scars upon the right side of his brow as proof of his experience. Both his cloaks and tunics are embroidered with horse-heads, wolf-heads, and intricate knotwork. His golden hair and beard are braided into fine plaits decorated with silver beads and a treasure necklace of colorful beads and small trinkets is hung about his neck. In the traditional style of the scops of Rohan, he sings his own praises in a powerful voice, whose accent marks his origins in the Eastfold.

Banner image: The Skald by Guthbrand


Sexwulf, son of Wulfheah

Scop and rider of Aldburg's frithgild

So. Sons of Eorl for many a year
and the minstrel who charmed them had might and greatness.
We have heard of that scop's heroic campaigns.



He believes he can count Ealhild, Audelwyn, and Tunbeorht among his friends.


Odalric is a cousin. His father Wulfheah, his mother Wilcum, his brother Barduwulf, and his brother's wife, Hunburg.


Thane Cútha of Beaconwatch, by virtue of Seaxa's attempts to woo his wife Answitha through song.


Composing traditional verses in the style of his people, a well-placed proverb, riddles, gaining fame and honour, and women--the last too much for his own good.


The shame of defeat, the struggle to perfect his poetry, and being spurned.


The pursuit of fame both through battle and his poetry.



Sexwulf's Adventures

To Audelwyn while Swimming 3 weeks 1 day ago
To Ealhild in the Meadhall 3 weeks 1 day ago
Sexwulf's Adventures

Sexwulf's Gallery

Sexwulf's Gallery