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Foreigners and locals alike
Come together as peaceful folk
Assist the Watch, Report crimes and suspicious activities.
Come together!
United we can make Bree safe!

~ Doctor Merhast

((IC organization to help assist the Watch and report crimes and make the streets safer  in Bree. Please message me if interested for an invite to the in-game userchannel.))

20-04-17 [more]

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OOC Welcome: Welcome to all Folk of Middle Earth!  For those with a Discord application, please feel free to join our open Laurelin RP Discord server.  It does not matter where you RP whether Bree-lands, the Shire, Rivendell, Rohan, or wherever else, you are welcome to join.  We ask for everyone to come and engage in respectful conversations amoung a broad spectrum of RPers where you can meet people in different communities or groups you  may have never had to the chance to meet in-game.  Here we can make friends, learn about eachother's RP, and have a place to discuss any lore questions one might have.  So please feel free to follow this link:  Happy RPing!

19-04-17 [more]

(A neatly hand-written document was posted on the notice board)


People of Bree and those that are there!

Lately, the Watch has been abusing their power in order to give their own justice to others! This had been proven time and time again with their actions while there were witnesses. There had been witnesses for one when they have arrested an innocent with no charges filed! That innocent was Brynleigh! It is about time that our voices should be heard! I ask of you to go to the Bree-town Jail tomorrow in a form of protest against these so-called followers of the law! Let us be heard tomorrow ((April 17th at 9pm servertime))!

17-04-17 [more]

(This notice can be found by the stables in Bree and outlying villages. The script is in a small but neat hand.)

The season of birthing is upon us. I am a fully qualified healer of animals and have birthed many fine horses into this land. I also know the ways of healing with animals. Should you have any livestock or pets with difficulty in their birthing or any other ailments, feel free to seek me out. I am often found in The Prancing Pony.

(Feel free to send mail here, in game, or send me a tell)

4-04-17 [more]

((The poster seems to be placed around town to try and counteract all the sell-sword advertisements, wanted posters and all others depicting violence))

The Doctor is in!
Skilled surgeon doctor and herbalist hailing from Gondor.
Now residing in Bree to tend to all peoples needs and ailments.
Doctor Merhast can be reached and located at his residence of 4 Long Street, in the village of Ridgeborogh, South of Bree-town; or frequenting the Prancing Pony Inn.
Pay what you can, no set fees or unobtainable prices.
Special note: Leech treatment must be requested if desired due to a fond dislike of them.

((Contact me via in game letter or tell, or message over LA if you would like to arrange something, otherwise seek out Doctor Merhast in game))

29-03-17 [more]

(A neatly handwritten document is posted on the notice board)


Crimsonblade Services is now open! The services specialize in bodyguard jobs though others could be discussed. Prices would be discussed as well upon meeting. If you should need a bodyguard, please contact me (Dryn) with a letter and we can set up a meeting.


((You are free to contact me via tell or letter in-game or PM me on LA))

24-03-17 [more]

(Notices written in a neat, clear, and elegant script are hung around various places in Bree-town - the Crafting Hall, the Bree Hunting Lodge, the Prancing Pony, the Town Hall, and so forth.)

Seeking vendors of Bree wanting to use or sell fabrics, crafts, tools, and other wares from beyond Bree in their shops and businesses. Those interested can ask for Ellany, or leave a letter addressed to her, at the Town Hall.


*          *          *


((Feel free to contact Ellany through PMs or mail in the game if interested.))

23-03-17 [more]

Beneath a large hall in Eastglen, swings a sign that looks to have been freshly painted and crafted anew...                                                                                                                                                                   

Here and there, placed in strategic locations are a number of parchments, pinned to noticeboards throughout the Bree-lands and in the main towns and villages of Archet, Combe and Bree as well as Staddle. Penned in meticulously neat handwriting which may be familiar to those already accustomed to seeing it.

((OOC, the address is 5 Long Street in Eastglen, PM Calilla on the LA, Mail or IM her in the game to arrange RP in the shop if your character wishes to visit or make purchase of any of her wares.)) 

19-03-17 [more]

Come one and all to the Story Weaver's Shop! 

Looking for a new adventure? Wondering where your life's story might take you? Still waiting for the right people to come into your life? Look no farther, for the story weaver will help you plot out your future!


((OOC: Tired of looking for NPCS for your stories? Can't find people to play roles in your stories?

I will OOC match characters together anonymously so you can have your story! Whether you need someone to play your father, long-lost cousin, an unknown benefactor, an arch nemesis spying on you, or an angry neighbor seeking revenge, chances are there's someone out there who wants to play that role or has a character who could fit it. I'll match up players who fit each other's requests and only share names when the characters should be known to each other. Otherwise, it'll be left a mystery for your characters to solve!

Send me LA message or in game mail with a short description of your character and what role you want filled or what role you want to play. Or if you're up for playing some role, send me a message and I'll tell you what roles are being asked for.

Characters with backstories and personalities already crafted need not hesitate! I only match up people with roles that need filling. The rest of the creativity is up to you!))

19-03-17 [more]

((OOC: Hunting Lodge 'Eff Kay' is an office that seeks freelancers and hunters to do dirty job for them, in return paying them with incredible amounts of money. However, there is a specialty to this lodge. That important detail can be found in the poster. It just needs a precise eye to spot. Whoever is willing to come and get a contract for a specific ''creature'' - come to Homesteads Famburg, Chestnut street 9. And contact Tzynch on that matter, either IC letter to the lodge or OOC tell or mail. Cheers.))

13-03-17 [more]

Calling all Riders of the Riddermark to return home and fight under the banner of the Second Marshal Theodred.

((Looking for Rohirrim RPers that want to come and RP in Helm's Deep and the Gap of Rohan for some military RP. You do not have to be in a kin to come. It is recommended to be at least level 65 to survive in the Gap of Rohan. The milestone there is lvl49. For travel to Helm's Deep, mithril coins are needed for those under lvl 85, but I can help with getting rep to come. For more info, please contact Gaenburh or Regnwald.))

11-03-17 [more]


                               It's PARTY time!!


                         Date:           Saturday 18th March 2017

                         Time:          8:30pm GMT (3:30pm Server Time)


Door Prizes! - Games! - Raffle! -  Role play! -  Limerick competition!


Contrary to all expectation... Taala and Eroforth have tied the knot!

So come join us to celebrate their recent marriage with a roleplay evening of fun, partying, free stuff ... and, of course, the usual inappropriate behavior we've come to expect from Laurelin's premiere mercenary kin, The Bloody Dawn! Please do not attend if easily offended!

The Wedding Ceremony has already happened, several months ago in Ered Luin, so there is no dull ceremony to sit through. There’s no need to dress up… Or dress at all!

Seaver has kindly offered to host the wedding party for them at his Inn:

The White Wolf

5 Long Street





((Please assume you have been invited by post or word of mouth if you are a friend of theirs or an associate of anyone in the Dawn We’ve not had time to personally write to or RP an invite with everyone  – but you know who you are and if you would have been invited, so please come if you can :-)   ))


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