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(There would be a few of these posted around bree-town as well as at a few of the Taverns and at the hunters hall)

Last Breath Blacksmithing is open, vist us for all your smithing needs, need armor and weapons repaired, maybe your steed needs new shoes? come see us at 5 long street in Holcrick.

Aeonid - Owner of Last Breath Blacksmithing.


(In fine print at the bottom)

Also taking Bounties if you've got one.


(Send a message on here if your interested in setting up something!)

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May & Penelope by Persis Clayton Weirs

Date: May 21st, 2017

Time: 3:00 pm server time (7:00 pm GMT)

Location: Aldburg, Rohan

In celebration to the birth of this year's foals, there will be a festival held in Aldburg, Rohan. Food will be cooked over the fire in the middle of the massive mead hall with roasted meat and fluffy breads with the lovely songs. Anyone is welcome to come and sing whatever they wish for all scops and musicians are invited.  There well be servers amoung the mead hall where everyone can relax. This will not be opened up until after the games are completed. ​

Prepare yourself for numerous games to compete in and potentially win prizes. Also, bring your beautiful steeds for judging competition of whose is the strongest, prettiest, and best dressed. There will be many opportunities to partake in these games or perhaps just watch if you prefer.  And of course do not forget to visit our vendors while you're there. From clothing to leathers to trophies and more will be sold in celebration of this festival. There will be many good deals you may not wish to miss.  (Also remember all games have rewards for the winner from housing items to cosmetic pets and so on)



Activity Time (Server time) Location Description
Festival Begins 3:00pm Lawn of Aldburg Mead Hall Short welcome speech
Archery 3:00-3:15pm Mead Hall Lawn Champions compete against each other in rounds, in a roll based system.
Duelling Competition 3:15-3:30pm Mead Hall Lawn Champions fight in pairs, till there is one winning, in a roll based system.
Tug of War 3:30-3:45pm Mead Hall Lawn Two teams of 3-5 compete against each other until one loses, in a roll based system.
Horse Contest 3:45pm-4:00pm Mead Hall Lawn Horses are judged on costuming and aesthetics by three impartial judges.
Drinking Contest 4:00pm-4:15pm Mead Hall Lawn Attendees compete against each other using a roll based system until there is only one participant standing. The winner receives a housing item.
Feasting 4:15pm-Finish Mead Hall Interior A welcome speech is delivered by the Thane. Focus shifts to RP.

Featuring: “Open Mic” Musical Performances inside the Meadhall. All musicians are welcome to share their favorite songs or personal compositions, whether music or poetry.



To view the Rolling Systems click here

OOC Notes:

This event is open to non-kinmembers and kinmembers alike.  If you are not entirely knowledgeable on Rohirric culture, we suggest you check our website ( of where we have a guide to setting up Rohirric characters as well as a section under our forums for lore to help you become situated. Feel free to message an officer of The Folk of Aldburg for more information. Also note that this is a human event. Very rarely were Dwarves, Elves, or Hobbits seen in Aldburg. Typically we prefer Rohirrim, but a few Gondorians or so on are alright. We are very happy to have outsiders join our event, but as long as you keep it limited to humans. If you play an Elf or a Dwarf who wishes to attend, please message an officer to discuss it.  

Please keep chat in-character as much as you can and leave OOC conversations to individual fellowships, kinship channels, or tells. Please avoid forced or repetitive emotes. If you wish to cause trouble ICly, that is happily welcome (although do expect to meet consequences), but please try not to cause trouble OOCly for it will not be tolerated. Also, keep entertainment such as songs, stories, poems, and so on lore accurate. Things you'd hear spoken or talked of in Rohan.

 For those of low levels, you can use Mithril Coins bought from the LOTRO store to travel to Aldburg from Breeland stables.  If you do not know your way around Aldburg, again feel free to ask for assistance or resort to our Welcome to Aldburg guide or message any member of The Folk of Aldburg.  

Above all though our biggest rule is have fun. That is what RP is about, isn't it? Feel free to come and enjoy yourself as well as shop from our vendors and take part in our festivities. You are also free to use this sort of event as a trial if you're considering making a permanent character in Rohan.

Please contact: Seaxa, Audelwyn, or Ealhild for more information.



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You're a bard, you have a band  or you're a  storyteller, ? I'm planning to schedule some RP events based on racial and cultural lore and thus I need you !
Please if you're are interested to be one of the artists of such events please send me a private message here with : 
- the name of the character
- what he does (bard, storyteller etc.)
- your race
- the region where you come from IC or/and OOC which folklore inspires you
- your time zone and availibilities to attend such events

Mail here or IG to Deorda.

17-05-17 [more]

Dwarves, hobbits, elves and men of other lands; a meeting will be held to discuss things that have happened in Bree as of late! Some of us find ourselves pushed out. We need trade and housing! Plans will be made and safety given. To join the meeting leave a note for The Black Crow or White Fox at the Pony. The meeting will be held Saturday, the 20th day of the month at noon (game time). Once a note is left it will be picked up and a note will be sent back telling where to meet. (Contact Oshelga or Ithelion by mail. Please do not say you know who the given aliases belong to without hard proof, thank you.)

17-05-17 [more]

Have trouble you need free of? Payments you need transported swiftly and safely? Dirty work and bodies you need help with? Leave a note at the Pony for the Lord Blackdove. He will pick it up and do what needs to be done! (Contact Chrysanthe in game if a job needs doing, fake name used. Identity will not be given to or of customers.)

17-05-17 [more]

Dear folk of Bree, travelers and those who read this!

I'm looking for people, who are experienced in traveling and survival to look into something with me outside the rather -save- surroundings of Bree-land.
I can't offer you a lot of money for your help, but I'm sure we can find goods to trade.

You can leave a message for me at the Prancing Pony if you're curious and I'll get back to you.

The lass with the red hair

((Check: ))

11-05-17 [more]




Send message to Lisbaeth or Thrusch in game, discord or LA.


10-05-17 [more]

The Thirsty Boar is open, visit it at Hamglen, 8 Long Street. Come visit us, you may like it!



Next to the door is the pricelist:

All kinds of ale: 13 copper

Beer: 10 copper

Mead: 11 copper

All kinds of strong drinks: 14 copper.

Food: Pay 10 copper at the entrance and eat as much as you want till the evening, after that it's 15 copper.

Those who enter must leave their weapons on the table in front of the door before proceeding in. Fights will not be taken lightly, unless they are fighting without weapons, in that case they may be allowed to fight. If they are daring enough they can fight on the stage for everyone to watch and bet as well!



OOC: Made to be used as a small RP place for those who want something else, there will be events to participate every now and then.  Made to offer a place for RPers that want to try something else.

Only for Men, Hobbits and Dwarves.

No Elves and Beornings due to lore reasons.

9-05-17 [more]

Work available in Bree area!

Make a solid living in the service of a local food producer! Fair deal, no catches!

Vacant positions:



Vet, recommendations required.

Butcher, recommendations required.


Meet Ynel in the Prancing Pony for details and hiring.

(available in the mornings, servertime)


((These jobs give your character a link to Bree roleplay and offer extra story hooks. No joining of a kinship required. Purely RP!))


9-05-17 [more]

The Thistle Company, a well-established and respected lumber company native to Bree is seeking new workers and guardsmen for their various Bree-land lumber camps, as well as upcoming construction projects.

The company requires able-bodied and hard-grafting workers with experience in the process of logging, from cutting the timber to creating the lumber. Successful guardsmen candidates are required to provide a record of past combat experiences and applicable skills for the position. All new employees will be provided with generous pay, to be discussed during interviews dependent on available times, and will receive various benefits for themselves and their family via the company.

If part-time work is the only option due to prior engagements and workers/guardsmen cannot fully commit to the company this is not an issue and can be accommodated easily.

For more information or to set up an interview, please get in touch with either the Company Master, Wulfrich, who can be contacted via mail or found in the Prancing Pony, or the Trade Director, Berenin, who can be found the same way.

King regards,

The Thistle Company


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6-05-17 [more]

Come one come all! For all ye of short coin or no coin I shall be giving out free meals every Saturday at Noon, So be there or be square,or just come anywhen. Anyone is welcome to attend or volunteer, plenty of good Hobbit and Men meals! Something for everyone! At the Mess Hall! Every day a new meal! ((Will be around 1 PM Mountain Time Last Saturday of the Month a.k.a 8 Greenwich Mean Time.))

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