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Blodeucoed (Blóstma)


Foreigner, often confused accompanies that. Also sometimes a wildman according to townsfolk.

AgeUnknown, although appears to be in early or mid 20s.
ResidenceAldburg, Rohan

Folk of Aldburg

Outward Appearance

By ElenaSai (Elena)


Basic Statistics 


Name:  Blodeucoed is her native name (Blodau- is flower, -coed is tree).  Sometimes in Dunland, she was called Blodau.  Blóstma (Blossom) is the Eorling name she was given to when she came to Rohan.

Age:  Her exact age is unknown.  She appears to be to be in her early to mid-twenties. 

Hometown:  Lhan Tarren

Current Residence:  Aldburg

Occupation:  Foreigner, often confused accompanies that.  Also sometimes a wildman according to townsfolk.

Talents/Skills:  Um… She can tolerate Eorlingas, that’s a special ability, right?

Birth order:  Youngest of a family of seven

Siblings:  Andras, Alwyn, Alun, and Afon 

Spouse:  None

Parents:  Bronwyn and Crystin

Family Tree: Click here


Physical Characteristics: 


Height:  Average size for a Dunlending which is short compared to Gondorians or Eorlingas.


Eye Color:  A dark green colour

Hair Color:  Blodeucoed has thick, messy hair that has a dark reddish brown hue.  It stands out predominately from the rest of the Eorlingas she lives among which marks her as what they like to call one of the ‘wildmen’ or ‘hillmen’.  When she does it nicer, she’ll braid along the edge of it on one side and combe down the messy bits to flatten it in attempts to make it look like the softer Eorling hairs.  But rarely does she achieve much to this.



Skin colour:  Her skin has a warm, pinkish glow to it.  It is much darker than many of the Eorlingas, but not as dark as those from southern regions of Gondor and Harad. 

Shape of Face:  Blodeucoed has a wild look about her expression often or she has a tentative, focused look.  Sometimes she will tilt her head forward and narrow her eyes up to someone she speaks too which makes her face appear thinner than it is.   However, she never intends to appear threatening, but the mannerisms she expresses sometimes are misinterpreted.  With a soft amount of roundedness to her face, Blodeucoed often looks younger than she is.  However, her higher cheek bone structure often gives off the air of maturity and strength.  Her nose is pointed and her lips are full, often either smirking or remaining an apathetic shape.

Body Type:  With a very athletic build, Blodeucoed has a soft curve but not a predominate figure along her waste and hips.  Her breasts are average sized, although since she has been living in a more settled lifestyle now than the one she grew up in, she has filled out more in her figure.  When she gets more exercise, she becomes leaner.  On her lower hips along her back, she has a swirling design of roots that stretch up her spine in a braided pattern before spreading out into another swirling, knot work design of tree branches.

How does he/she dress?:  She prefers her own skirt that is made of leathers and furs.  This skirt wraps around her waist and ties a little ways down the side.  Over this she wears a leather shirt that laces up the front and a fur shoulder covering.  However, the Eorling (Gerta) who cares for her insists that outfit looks too savage.  So instead, she can be seen wearing a dark coloured dress that has golden lining.  She still wears her fur shoulder covering overtop of this dress. 


Personality Traits:


Mannerisms:  Blodau is very energetic in her mannerisms.  Partially because she does not know how to fluently speak the language of the Eorling she live amoung, she has to rely on hand gestures to communicate.  Often she imitates words she does not know and likes using expressions and changes in her tone to accent her words.

Health:  She is very athletic

Favorite Sayings:  “I do not understand.”

Education: Blodeucoed knows how to fight with an axe, how to run with the horses, how to fish with a spear, and how to express her inner anger.  However, she has also learned how to calm herself among those who perceive her as a savage.  She knows how to paint many of the swirling patterns her people favour, especially onto skin, and she knows how to use a needle to make permanent markings to one’s skin.  She knows how to salt smoke meat (both fish and beef) and how to dry hides out into leathers if need be.

Languages Spoken: Her best language is Dunael, but she is slowly learning the Eorling tongue more.  Unfortunately, there are many miscommunications and lack of speaking ability which makes her life among the Eorlingas much more difficult.

Personality Type: ENFJ (Extroverted, Initiative, Feeling, Judging)

Weapons: She prefers an axe when she can, but sometimes she can use a crude dagger or a sword. 

Special Abilities/Skills: Um… She can tolerate Eorlingas, that’s a special ability, right?

Valuables:  She has a crude necklace with a stag emblem on the end of it.  That is about it for anything she values.

Pets: Afan is not a large horse, but he is one who seems to be well bred.  His hooves are covered in feathery fur and his tail/mane are thick covering his features.  Sometimes he can be seen with horns attached to a bridle over his head to make him appear as a stag.  

Speech patterns:  She does not speak the Eorling tongue very well so her speech can often be very chopped and confusing.  She also mixes in Dunael words and occasionally missuses words she does not fully understand.  This leads to many confusions.  When she  speaks in her native tongue, she is a very smooth talker.  She enjoys long conversation and often is good at comforting others.

Spiritual Characteristics


What are the character's spiritual beliefs?:  Blodeucoed believes in the wisdom of spirits and Rhi Helvarch.
Is religion or spirituality a part of this character's life?:  She is not able to partake in any of her homeland's rituals now that she lives in Rohan.  It often causes her to feel homesick. 


Blodeucoed (Blóstma) of Caru-lûth

Former Warrior

"The men of Dunland were amazed, for Saruman had told them that the men of Rohan were cruel and burned their captives alive." (The Two Towers)

After fighting off orcs and enemies, the Steward of Gondor granted the Éotheod the lands of Calenhardhon (now known as Rohan).  Driving out the men who lived there before them,  the Éotheod forced he original men living in Calenhardhon to flee into the hills nearby that later became known as Dunland.  After loosing their home and having their land stolen from them, the Dunlending people resented the Éotheod.  Because of this resentment, there has always been conflicts between these hillmen and the Éotheod (or later Eorlingas).  For example, in the Third Age, a man named Wulf I (a mixblood between Dunland and Rohan) invaded Rohan with Dunlending men as a usurper after the death of his father by the King of Rohan (Helm Hammerhand)'s hand.  However, Wulf I eventurally fell at the hand of Fréaláf Hildeson, nephew of Helm Hammerhand. Despite their uprisings, the Dunlending people always had to remain in the mountains of Dunland in their six clans (Avanc-lûth (Lizard-Clan), Caru-lûth (Stag-Clan), Deivlig (outcast oathbreakers), Draig-lûth (Dragon-Clan), Hebog-lûth (Falcon-Clan), Turch-lûth (Boar-Clan), and the Uch-lûth (Ox-Clan)).

Born of the Caru-lûth, Blodeucoed grew up the daughter of Bronwyn and Crystin.  With three elder brothers, she often found herself surrounded by young warriors whom she became close to.  Learning to fight and fish with a spear, Blodeucoed enjoyed her life at home.  However, after a small scrabble, Blodeucoed was captured by the Draig-lûth and enslaved.  There she met a forgoil man named Hroda who also was a slave amoung the Draig-lûth.  Over time, Blodeucoed gained favour of the people who owned her through her strength and her wit thus leading her to being granted her freedom.  But her friend, Hroda, would have never received the same fate if they remained amoung the Draig-lûth for a Forgoil would struggle to ever earn the respect of the Dunlending warriors there.  And so, Blodeucoed stole Hroda from the Draig-lûth and snuck him out in the night to flee from the Draig-lûth.  That is how Hroda gained his freedom after his long enslavement.

Hazel by FlockeInc.

Teaching Blodeucoed small amounts of the Eorling tongue, Hroda led Blodeucoed through the gap of Rohan to his homelands.  Knowing returning home to the Caru-lûth could endanger her family or lead her to recapture, she instead followed Hroda to the land that once belonged to her people but now belonged to those she had always known to resent.  Hroda left Blodeucoed in the town of Aldburg where much of his family lived, leaving her to be cared for by them as he returns home to Beaconwatch where his wife and child lived.

Now in Aldburg, Blodeucoed finds herself in an odd situation under the care of a woman by the name of Gerta.  With an old blood-feud reemerging, Blodeucoed finds herself in a peculiar position of being in the middle of an unusual conflict amoung locals whom refer to her as a savage.   Between being submerged in an unusual culture she did not understand as she struggled for acceptance (which is fairly rarely given) and a conflict amoung families that goes back many generations, Blodeucoed finds herself in a very odd situation. 


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She is staying with an old woman named Gerta who she's grown to respect and care about. She's also began to befriend Seaxa, Hilda, Audelwyn, and Cynwic. Other than them, very few of the Eorlingas will give her a chance.


Parents: Bronwyn and Crystin. Siblings: Andras (dead), Alwyn, Alun, and Afon. Niece: Blodau. Nephew: Cadwgan. Cousin: Gawwyne (dead).


In some ways, even though she lives among them, the Eorlingas will always be a rival to her. Also the Draig-lûth are a bit of an enemy and are the reason she cannot go home. Specific people Blodau dislikes are Hroda and Garsig. There are many more who hate her, but she does not know all of their names.


Her horse Afan, her family among the Caru-lûth, berries (she eats so many), fishing (they took her fishing spear away. So rude), Seaxa's cloak (it smells good and is warm and soft ok), and tall people (there are particular Eorlingas that catch her and she both loves and hates it).


Being called a savage or wildman, the stiff, overbearing dresses Gerta forces her to wear, pigs, Garsig most days (and the fact he's pretty and that he talks so much and that he exists), and not being able to run around bare foot or really do anything she really wants without being judged.


To serve Gerta well in repayment for her kindness as well as protect the few friends she's managed to make in Rohan as much as she can. Don't touch her Hilda.


"You were wild once. Don't let them tame you." -Isadora Duncan

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