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Green Dragon Friday (weekly hobbit event)

Green Dragon Friday, the weekly hobbit inn night in Bywater! Come join the local hobbits for a lively night at the inn! Bring a riddle, song, poem or story, or just come to chat, drink, dance and share news and gossip. Welcome hobbits!

Date:May 26th, 2017
Time:7:30PM UK time (2:30PM /servertime)
Location:Green Dragon inn, Bywater, The Shire

Event details:

Note: During Lone Bard's Friday (about once a month), we only allow solo or duo performers to entertain the crowds. This is to keep the lone bard culture going, so it is not all about the big bands. Songs, poetry, stories, rhymes, riddles or anything else - just sign up on the night!

Usually lasting around two hours, the order of a Green Dragon Friday is always loose. Expect light chat, heavy drinking, much music and dance, perhaps some riddles, many a pie, definitely a poem, ever so often a story, always the latest in hobbit news and gossip, sometimes a few surprises.

Bring a riddle, a song, a poem or a story if you like, it is always grand if yer get involved! Just have a chat with the hobbit orchestrating things somewhat near the dancing rug, and he or she will find a good time for yer contribution. Should the night be busy, it may have to wait until next time, though!

At special occasions through the year, GDF will temporarily move to other venues. Examples can be anniversary celebrations, yule parties or the likes. This will be advertised well in advance.

OOC details:

This event tries to be a lively lore-relevant hobbit night at the inn. So it is grand if yer keep the following in mind:

Green Dragon Friday is (and has always been) a hobbit event. A few visiting dwarves are always welcome, especially if they have a song to share. However, men and elves were rarely (if ever) seen travelling through the Shire villages (and especially not the inns). Because of this we ask that only hobbits and dwarves visit the event. If you'd like to participate, please roll up a hobbit! It is marvellous fun!

Please keep chat in-character, and try to avoid forced emotes, repeated noisy emotes and the likes. Also, please try to keep the entertainment (songs, stories, rhymes, poems and so on) somewhat in tune with the game world, suitable for hobbits living in the Shire.

With regard to .abc music, try to steer away from the most obvious well-known pop/rock songs and the latest top 10 chart contents. Less Lady Gaga! More folk music! Reels, jigs, waltzes, hornpipes and the likes are always popular and will soon have the hobbits dancing!

The area near the dancing rug/entertainment fireplace can become very busy. If you want to engage in longer conversations with someone, consider moving further into the inn (for instance to the other fireplace). This are is much calmer, and you don't spam the chat box for people trying to recite a poem or sing a song.

The previous ad for the event (with some poems and images attached) can be read here!


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