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Little Miss Audelwyn

Audelwyn curled her knees up to her chest.  Resting her chin on her knees softly, she lets out a faint sigh.  Suddenly a splash startles her in the pond before her causing her to look up.  Her small, painted pony splashed his hooves in the shallow waters.  A soft laugh escaped her throat. 
"Anda," Audelwyn giggled, "Calm down, you're getting me wet."  
The horse lifted her head and looks to Audelwyn.  Letting out a soft neigh, she waded out of the pond and let her hooves rest in the grass beside the stone Audelwyn sat perched on.  
"Come here," Audelwyn spoke softly with a hand extended out, but the horse just stares at her silently.  A sigh escaped Audelwyn and her hand fell downwards, "Come on, Anda.  Please?"
The horse did not move. 
Huffing softly, Audelwyn wrapped her arms around her knees again and looked back towards the water, "The other two are nicer than you." 
Anda let out a neigh that Audelwyn swore sounded like a laugh.  Looking back to Anda, Audelwyn huffed softly, "Even Eorland was nicer than you."  She pouted. 
But alas, the horse seemed not to care, or even really understand, what Audelwyn said.  Instead, Anda dropped her head downward with a swoosh of her mane as she began to chew on the grass below her.  Glancing back to the small horse, Audelwyn sighs, "Do you miss him at all?"
The horse simply chews on grass instead of responding. 
"I miss him," Audelwyn responded with a curt nod as if the horse was in fact reciprocating the conversation.  "I miss Ceolu too."
Suddenly the horses head popped up as her ears perked.  Allowing her eyes dart about, the horse lifted her head up a bit.  Audelwyn glanced over her shoulder in response to her horse's posture.  The leaves around them rustle softly in the lighting.  The vibrance of greenery and the brightness of yellow curled around the grey stone ruins in almost a painting like semblance.  Sweet scent of dirt and clean, running water filled Audelwyn's nose, but whatever seemed to alert Anda was unapparent to Audelwyn.  
"You alright?" Audelwyn glanced back to Anda. 
The horse let out a grunt of air and dropped her head back to the grass.  But just as the horse let go of the spooked feeling, Audelwyn felt it intensify.  Quickly lifting herself to her feet, she began to pace among the greenery as her eyes wander across the crumbled stone arc over the waterfall nearby and continued across the pond.  Old wooden structures stood in stark contrast to the fragrant flowers and lush trees.  
Biting her lip again, Audelwyn murmured out to Anda, "Why did he have to die, Anda?  Why here?  What am I suppose to do?"
The horse now, finally, lifted her head up to look to Audelwyn with dirt and grass hanging from her chewing jaws. 
"Should I go home?" Audelwyn now whispered.
The horse swallowed the grass and let out a neigh. 
"What's that suppose to mean?"  She huffed and crossed her arms. 
Anda stared and Audelwyn for a moment before dropping her head again to eat more.  
Letting her head fall in defeat, Audelwyn sighed, "What am I doing?  You're just a horse... You can't even understand me." 
The leaves rustled again causing Audelwyn to jump a bit.  But when the fluffy tail of a squirrel appeared, Audelwyn let her shoulders relax.  
"I need to calm down a little," she says, looking back to Anda who simply grazed peacefully.  "I wish I could be more like you sometimes... Come on, lets wander the town more. We need to make a better impression on the locals.  I'm pretty sure that Sexwulf man and his friends think I'm insane as it is." 
As Audelwyn began to wander down the edge of the water, Anda followed behind slowly with a grunt of annoyance.  

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