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Welcome to Aldburg

Westu Hál!  Welcome to the great town of Aldburg in Eastfold, Rohan.  Aldburg is one of the oldest settlements of Middle-earth in Rohan.  This town was built by Eorl named Folde and is located southeast of Edoras.  Although he and his family moved to Edoras early in Rohan's history, Aldburg remained a seat of noblemen.  Currently Aldburg serves as the home of Éomer,Third Marshal of the Mark and heir of the Kingship of Rohan himself.  

Walking in you may stop by the stables to rest your steed.

After your steed is looked after, make your way to the beautiful Meadhall towards the centre of Aldburg.  Although Éomer is the proper thane of Aldburg, with his often trips away from the town, Arcil stands in his place.  In the Meadhall, Arcil will help you find a family to stay with.  Guests are important to the people of Aldburg.  Many families who live amoung the town will love to welcome you in and give you a place to stay and rest in your time in Aldburg. 

Now that you're properly situated in Aldburg, you are able to explore the town more.  First you might wish to stop by the taverns.  In the taverns, you will meet Scops (such as one local named Seaxa) who play music and sing songs telling stories of old.  The two bartenders in the Aldburg tavern are Milde and Mildred who are siblings that would love to serve you a mead.  Feel free to socialise with the various commoners of Aldburg. 

Also remember to enjoy the various of pools around Aldburg.  Little streams and small ponds surround the Meadhall with plenty of fish to be caught.  As well, some are more secluded for bathing and swimming if you so choose.  You will find some locals, such as one named Audelwyn, in these areas to catch fish and enjoy themselves by the water's edge while others like Tunbeorht may be training by the scenic pool's edge.

Also feel free to stop by the barber shop across the road from the tavern while you are in Aldburg.  There Ealuthryth, mother of Ealhild and Eadfrith, would love to stylise your hair in any way you wish as well as invite you to a nice dinner with their neighbors Wulfheah and Wilcum.


Ferthu Hál!


(All images and screenshots were taken and created by members of the Folk of Aldburg)