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Eorland, son of Aldbeorn



AgeLate forties
ResidenceOnce he wandered the Mark with Audelwyn—now he lies beneath the earth from a peaceful death.


Outward Appearance

A Eorling cloaked in green, with his beard in handsome red plaits, fervent eyes, and—usually hidden by his mantle—a bronze torc of Dunland twisted around his throat. More openly shown is a Béma pendant, with the Great Rider's mark. A Rohir would recognize the lilt of Forlaw in his recitation, and its symbol upon his old pin: the image of a horn, alike to that at his belt.


((Banner image: Ted Nasmith's The Riders of Rohan))


Eorland, son of Aldbeorn

​Once known as Helfarch

Sperewigend of the Farende Éored


"A friend is good, far or near. Near is better."

—Eorling proverb


Born to Aldbeorn, a berserker of Thengel King, and Eadgryth, Eorland was reared on song: his parents told tales of heroes and Kings of Rohan, and the Éotheod before Eorl. His uncle Haell, Eadgryth's brother, showed him early the ways of the bow, and spurred him on with songs of Bard the Bowman, whereas his grandfather, Ealbéma, taught by retelling his far wanderings beyond the Mark and into Stoningland.

As a youth, he was wrongly exiled, and walked Dunland in the company of Offa and Wynn, two thieves of the Stonedeans with the blood of Hill-men. It is not a tale he tells but sparsely, though some do know the most of it.

He is a sperewigend now, a member of one of the Éoreds. The exile has grown into a soldier under the White Horse upon Green, a man of honour—there is no doubt that he will join his forefathers awaiting him in the Unknown Lord's hall.


As of late he took to the young Audelwyn. He held a strong bond with the Drunk and Elbriech He was fond of any who will share song with him, and deep in his heart, he hoped Béma could be counted amongst his allies.


He bore many siblings, but was especially affectionate to a sister named Leofrynn. Thrymm of Forlaw was a cousin of his.


The foes of his kinsmen and the foes of his king.


Home and the hearth. The White Horse upon Green, and all her sons. The song of other bards. The brazen band around his neck. His kith and kin, but his sister he calls "Léofa" most of all.


The foes of Rohan, save a sense of admiration for the Hill-men. The tight press of his torc. Foreign paths and the yearning for home.


To go home, to fulfill his oaths, and to die with glory.


"'How that time has passed away, dark under the cover of night, as if it had never been!'"

Eorland's Adventures

Eorland's Adventures

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Eorland's Gallery