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Ealhild, "Mansbane", daughter of Hibald


Serving girl in the Aldburg Mead Hall

ResidenceThe barber's home, in Aldburg

Folk of Aldburg

Outward Appearance

Ealhild is a young woman of twenty-one, standing at 5'6 with a shapely build. She weighs roughly 135 pounds, and has a healthy glow about her. Most of the time, her hair is tied up atop her head in assorted styles--she is quite fond of milkmaid braids in particular--but when, on rare occasion, she lets it down, her hair falls to her hips in golden-blonde waves. 
In contrast to her striking features, her eyes are a soft blue (sharpened only by the sarcasm behind them) and light freckles adorn her fair, warm complexion. She carries her head high, and seldom avoids eye contact. Although her hands are slightly callused (from the washing of dishes and the wiping down of Mead Hall tables), one can tell that she is not accustomed to overly manual labor. 

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Ealhild was born in the height of summer, with the hair and the warmth to match. Raised in Aldburg, in the Eastfold of West Rohan, her childhood was a pleasant one. Her father and mother, Hibald and Ealuthryth, acted as bloodletters and barbers for the town. Although their small home was messy, and often bustling with the traffic of their neighbors, Hilda spent her younger days in want of nothing, whether food or affection. For, as it happens, the poverty that afflicted the Bloodletter's family was not a monetary one. Famine passed them by with a kind hand, and illness never seemed to strike, despite her parents' profession. Rather, this was a matter of morality.

It happened in Autumn. Ealhild was the ripe old age of ten summers, and her mother was heavily pregnant. They had spent the day at the market, and afterwards paid a visit to the village midwife, who congratulated Ealuthryth, and swore that this time the child would be the son that Hibald had always hoped for. Her mother glowed with the news, and as they made their way home hand in hand, Hilda realized that she had never seen her mother happier than at that moment. It didn't last, of course. Such moments seldom do--perhaps Fate fears that happiness will simply be taken for granted should it linger overly long. Hilda's mother always spoke of Fate, before that day. 
The door to their house was locked, something that they only ever did at night, when the family got ready to go to bed. Ealuthryth narrowed her eyes as she drew the house key from her apron pocket, turned the knob, and walked in, telling Hilda to remain outside. She sat, patiently, for one minute before voices were raised. Her mother's, her father's, and... a stranger's.
A woman with red hair and a half-laced gown slipping about her shoulders was ushered through the door before it shut firmly behind her. She pounded her fist on it, calling for Hibald. It took a moment, but Ealhild recognized the lady by face, if not by name--she worked in the stables, just down the road. She looked at the woman. The woman looked at her. And from within the house, she could hear her mother's crockery breaking against the wall in time with her father's promises of changing. The red-haired lady turned to leave, glancing back uncomfortably at Hilda one final time before heading away down the path. With the stranger gone, Ealhild turned her attention to the door, and slipped inside just as her mother's word "divorce" fell from the air with the heavy weight of an oath.
She wasn't sure why the fighting stopped at the sight of her. She never supposed such a detail really mattered. The night followed its proper routine in tension-filled silence: they ate dinner, they washed up. They went to bed. In the middle of the night, Hilda woke up to the sound of footsteps by the door. She slipped out of bed quietly, moving a few paces into the other room and catching her father by the sleeve as he reached for the handle of the door. He said he was going for a walk, that he'd return come morning. But the sun rose and set for eleven years, and Ealhild never saw his face again. She learnt that day a lesson that she would carry with her for the rest of her life: Men break oaths. Men leave. But most importantly, they lie.

After divorcing Hibald, Ealuthryth continued her work as barber and bloodletter, and Ealhild dedicated herself to aiding her mother in raising her younger brother, Eadfrith. Ealhild has become increasingly strict with herself over the years, and never allowed herself much thought in regards to love. She greatly values the friends that she has, although they are by no means vast in number, and is generally very protective of them. She has earned a reputation for responsibility with her elders, whilst the men of Aldburg simply know her to be cold (bordering on scathing) whenever male attention comes her way. Ever since she came of age, her mother has chided her for casting aside any possible suitors, and on occasion has gone to great lengths to set her up with people. Nevertheless, Hilda persists in her refusal. She insists that it is a lack of interest in relationships, however as Bearduwolf can attest, her feelings lie closer to the surface than she would like to admit. Unknown to much of anyone, aside her cousin Milde and the man in question, little under a year ago Ealhild had an affair with a married man, which lasted only a few months. Deeming the experience a lesson, she has "learnt" the dangers of being vulnerable with a man, once and for all. Her resolve has been hardened by her regret and guilt at softening for the entertainment of another. Wedded to solitude and ill-masked bitterness, Hilda's rejections are torn between a fear of abandonment, a desire for attention, and a bad habit of playing very hard to get. 
Despite her sociable nature, Ealhild can be rather rigid when it comes to recreation. She would rather work than play, and although she spends as much time in the tavern after work as any woman her age, she seems to lack the ability to relax. 

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Sexwulf, Audelwyn, Ivorneth, Tunbeorht, Adalred, Blodeucoed


Cousin: Mildgith || NPC's include her mother, Ealuthryth; younger brother, Eadfrith; and cousin Milde


Gerta, Bearduwulf, Garsig


The rare days she has off from work when she can play in the yard with Eadfrith or go swimming ; the taste of mead ; feasts in the Mead Hall (though she likes them less now that she has to serve during them)


Her father and the woman he ran off with ; the entire settlement of Beaconwatch, where her father has a new and obviously worse family ; Cold weather ; When the house is full of customers while she's trying to take a nap


To make her small family as successful as possible, in the hopes that her father will finally regret leaving them.


"She's a mouthy one, no husband to keep her in her place." -- Garsig ; "The blood he spills will stain your soul the same." ; "To love is to suffer. To love is to fly without wings." ; "If I must exist alone, so be it, but I will change for no man." ; "Love was not meant for my mother. I do not think it was meant for me." ; "Men are cruel."

Ealhild's Adventures

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Ealhild's Adventures

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Ealhild's Gallery