The Torn Journal: The Wanderer's Heart

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Gorneleg ventured a bit ahead staying on the edge of the hill then closed her eyes.

The Shadow Walkers: The Last Hope

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Finally, their final destination was before them. The Black Gate of Mordor - The place where their fates were about to be decided. Both armies started their movement. Katrandil looked at Ornessar. "So... this is the time, my friend. I hope for the best." - She said towards him and kept observing the orcs. He glanced at her and hugged her tightly that one last time. "If we split, take care..." - He whispered then pulled away from her.

Memory of a Sister

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Once again she stood on the Ice Bay,
The tears of grief stopped her on the way.
Her mind now focused to always think twice
About haunting thought of the past sacrifice.
Clad in black but her world seems grey,
From the very day her heart has been astray.
The miss for a sister is all that she feels, 
The broken heart still hurts but never heals. 
When all hope is lost for the dearest to return,
She watches still, her foes will burn.
The Northern Wolf howls once more,

The line of The Forngarmo

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The Family of The Forngarmo (Katrandil). 
From the left: Niphredil (Alanza), Aredwenn (Kamilatko), Forngarmo (Katrandil), Fornenar (Lillanor), Nethinor (Arandil), Netharion (Nethadan), Nethirion (Andrew), Thorenion (Bob).

The Love of The Sister.

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

The woman sits in silence in her room, stopping herself from bursting in tears. She takes a piece of parchment and starts writing up her feelings. 


I was so happy to have you back,

But you left me again and I feel that lack.

Of you, of the things we used to do

You know, my sister, my love was true.

I am left alone in the darkness again,

All of good things faded so what will remain?

The world, so cruel to set us apart,

The pain, that now fills my whole heart,

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