The Shadow Walkers: The Last Hope

Finally, their final destination was before them. The Black Gate of Mordor - The place where their fates were about to be decided. Both armies started their movement. Katrandil looked at Ornessar. "So... this is the time, my friend. I hope for the best." - She said towards him and kept observing the orcs. He glanced at her and hugged her tightly that one last time. "If we split, take care..." - He whispered then pulled away from her. She glanced at him and looked into his eyes, knowing that could be the last time she sees him, but deep in heart she was still believing that they will both come back victorious. "You too. We will meet again." - She replied then turned to the fields as he ran into the heat of battle. She readied her greatsword. "Here I come..." - She said to herself and charged towards the orcs. As she fought Ornessar's voice kept sounding around. She heard him as well and smiled even in the face of certain doom. " Do not underestimate the power of the Eldar. Will you bring doom to your allies? You are powerless! You cannot hinder me!" - She heard his shouts towards the orcs then after killing another orc she stood upon the Slag-hill with the wind blowing through her hair, with her sword raised and ready. She charged once again. "I will come for you now..." - She said in direction of the nearby enemies then continued her fighting. Another dose of Ornessar's rallies reached her ears. " Make them suffer, my allies!' Today we avenge our fallen kinsmen!' Enyalie Beleriande! " - He shouted and then a thought, a distant memory has struck her mind. Her dead sister, just a month before her death, telling her to never give up and fight for those she loves in the wilds of Evendim. She felt the sudden heat and felt like her energy was doubled. "For The Dúnedain!" - She yelled and felt the courage of the nearby enemies crushed. She fought on, empowered by avenging her sister. Then she avoids being hit by the battle-trolls mace and rolls to the ground with even more anger inside her. "You think you can match a Dúnadan?!" - She stood back up and charged towards the beast piercing it through with her greatsword. "You cannot match a Dúnadan! You have no power over me!" - She yelled as it collapsed to her feet then reclaimed Argalad from its corpse. Her fury soon passes as she starts to become weary from the fight but still stays on her guard. They both still fought on until the numbers of the enemy has reduced. Both of friends reunited as they moved back to the Slag Hill. "Something is not right here.." - She then said to herself and spotted that the flying enemies are retreating. Aragorn looked at them as they approached. "Look, all of The Nazgul are retreating back to Mordor!" - He said not only to them, but to all of those who were still present. The Elf looked into the distance. "What could this mean...?" - he kept wondering. The Forngarmo moved then towards the edge of the hill to get a better view. "I am wondering what use The Dark Lord has for his minions back in Mo--" - She got interrupted as one of the returning beasts grabbed her and tossed down the hill.
Ornessar seemed frightened by that turn of events. "No!" - He yelled and ran in that direction, grabbing a bow of the fallen archer and starting to shoot towards the beast's head until it has retreated. The ranger was lying on the ground, feeling knocked out but with only minor wounds and after a moment she started to regain herself and then ignores the pain to come back to the heat of battle. "Are you alright my friend?" - She asked as if nothing has just happened. Ornessar looked at her in disbelief. "I am. I was only worried about you my dear..." - He said looking at her. "I am alright, these wounds are nothing to me." - She said back before the two once more returned to their positions and charged towards the enemies. As the last beasts vanished from sight The Black Gate trembled for a while before finally breaking up. The Forngarmo fell to her knees, the pain and battle exhaustion finally takes over her, but with last of her strenght she yelled into the skies. "Victory! Victory is ours! I have avenged you, my dear sister..." - she finished her speaking with tears in her eyes. Finally, she felt fulfilled. Like her life goals were done. Like it was the end of her journey but then, she forced herself to stand up and after a while she was reunited with Ornessar, as they stood before the wreckage of The Black Gate. "This is the beginning of a new era..." - She said with a silent, exhausted voice. Her lost kindred took over her mind, but she felt that they will never be forgotten, at least that she has avenged them, and will never forget. "We did it... Frodo did it..." - Ornessar said with excitement while glancing towards Mordor. "Aragorn knew that it will come to this. He believed in him from the beginning." - She said with a small smile on her pale face. The elf then looks at her. "I did too.." - He said and looked into her eyes, a tear was still present there. "And so did I. Everyone needs to earn their well deserved rest, we shall ride now..." - The Forngarmo said and then the two went to rejoin the other survivors, supporting each other to then ride to the Fields of Victory, to Cormallen.