The Green Company

Founding date
Casual RP kinship
Main area of operations
Kinship type
The Knights of Gondor, The Children of Anduin, Ardalie
Servants of Evil
Kinship status
Dormant (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)


Rangers of the North, the time has come to unite!

Following the departure of the Grey Company to our Chieftain's aid, the Green Company is recruiting all Rangers available to hold back the evil that has risen and still poses an ever greater threat to the Free Folk of Eriador. The need is dire so you are urged to report to one of our recruiters, Turchiron, Luinor, Caerdrin or Halthorn as swiftly as possible!

Who are we?

The Green Company is a company of Rangers of the North, watching over the lands of Eriador.

It was founded by Halthorn, who was ordered to gather a company of the scattered but ever watchful Dunedain Rangers in the wake of a more renowned company known as the Grey Company heading south to the aid of their Chieftain. Currently, the Company is being led by Turchiron.

For more information, please contact Turchiron, Luinor, Caerdrin or Halthorn in-game.


Aurgil Aurgil, daughter of Eleion Man
Ayliyn Hithfaerwen Man
Cerchennil Cerchennil Man
Eredhndis Jada (Eredhndis) Man
Erenos Erenos Man
Gaurandir Gaurandir Losthoron, Valkoinen Vartija Man
Gwestedir Gwestedir Man
Halthorn Halthorn Man
Luinor Luinor of Lebennin Man
Methedir Methedir, Son of Beleguron Man
Narnonnen Narnonnen Man
Tatharnith Tatharnith, daughter of Torchanar Man
Torchanar Torchanar son of Thorchon Man
Tualph Tualph, daughter of Anollin Man
Turchiron Turchiron Man

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