Memory of a Sister

Once again she stood on the Ice Bay,
The tears of grief stopped her on the way.
Her mind now focused to always think twice
About haunting thought of the past sacrifice.
Clad in black but her world seems grey,
From the very day her heart has been astray.
The miss for a sister is all that she feels, 
The broken heart still hurts but never heals. 
When all hope is lost for the dearest to return,
She watches still, her foes will burn.
The Northern Wolf howls once more,
For all the lost souls to return to the shore.
Her shadow still roaming the Land,
She fights and protects ready to take the last stand.
The Wanderer of The North will always fight on,
Until her death will take her home.

In memory of my dearest friend that has been lost to me almost an year ago. 
I hope that you are in the better place and we will meet again on the other side. 
I miss you,


(This is an OOC Photo/Text. For all the lost ones and those who have lost their loved ones.)