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Delugoth spoke in a low, dark tone, and soft. "He's gone, little one. Stuck his nose where it didn't belong. Made some powerful enemies, enemies who wanted him to disappear. So, disappear he did."

After he spoke those words, he walked away. Lissi stood there, unable to move, her fists clenched.

Another Meeting

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Amanda stopped on her ride to look out at the sunset, sighing softly as she spoke out loud to herself, "I remember you used to take me to the tallest mountaintop or building to watch the sunsets over the hills... I remember you would rock me to sleep in your arms whenever we would watch it together, just us... I remember feeling your comforting arms around me whenever I was worried about anything...

Memory of a Sister

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Once again she stood on the Ice Bay,
The tears of grief stopped her on the way.
Her mind now focused to always think twice
About haunting thought of the past sacrifice.
Clad in black but her world seems grey,
From the very day her heart has been astray.
The miss for a sister is all that she feels, 
The broken heart still hurts but never heals. 
When all hope is lost for the dearest to return,
She watches still, her foes will burn.
The Northern Wolf howls once more,

6. -part 2- Gone

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His feet went numb, his breaths he could not feel, his eyes were only looking ahead of him and the image of Aggy was there as he ran from the town to his house. He reached the yard panting and stood there for a moment, folding in hald trying to catch his breath, the door was closed, so he knew that she was safe. Still, catching his breath he walked to the house and pushed the door open, but instead of opening it fell on the floor, Ern's heart stopped and his eyes opened wide, he started to breath with difficulty and slowly walked into the house, careful and afraid of the worst.

3. Thunderlight Rumours

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-Those eyes... Those eyes. No! Run, run! Run Pekki, run, they are coming! His shouts made Aggy turn in her sleep and eventually wake up, only to see Ern laying on the bed, pale and sweaty, as if wanting to run but not being able to do it.

-They are here, run, please, I beg you Pekki.
-Ern, Ern, what is it my dear? Wake up, please, what do you see?

The Love of The Sister.

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The woman sits in silence in her room, stopping herself from bursting in tears. She takes a piece of parchment and starts writing up her feelings. 


I was so happy to have you back,

But you left me again and I feel that lack.

Of you, of the things we used to do

You know, my sister, my love was true.

I am left alone in the darkness again,

All of good things faded so what will remain?

The world, so cruel to set us apart,

The pain, that now fills my whole heart,

The Disappearance of Samantha Wakeman

IC, this chronicle is managed by Welstan, and is represented by his notebook.

Townsend's sweetheart, Samantha Wakeman, has gone missing. Not willing to put such stress on his friend, Welstan has set out to find out what happened to the girl and hopefully bring her home safely.

Missing Person Report - Lython of Gondor

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Townsend is writing up the official report on this one.


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The scraping a blade against skin echoed throughout Syrioh's room as he slowly shaved off his beard. Each drag of his knife being slow, and methodical. Hair quickly filling the bucket he was using the clean the knife after every stroke. He was preparing himself for what he was setting out to do. What he had to do. He had to find her.


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That moment seemed to terrifyingly unrealistic to her now, as she swayed, glued on the spot, her eyes refusing to register the sight before her, and her mind absolutely in chaos, confusion, and disarray.

Gone. All gone.

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