Byrge Brighteye

Name Byrge
Young Adult
Bree-land until Autumn
Outward Appearance

A youngish dwarf of looks not in any way especially standout. His build is sturdy and strong, his palms rough from work, his beard neat and relatively short-trimmed, and his dress plain and utilitarian. He rarely speaks, and when he does it's in a low, gruff mumble; he tends to come across as dour and standoffish. The only remarkable thing about him are his eyes: a pale, intense blue, set off nicely by the dark circles under them.


Another dwarf would judge him to be about 100 years of age and possessed of classically Firebeard features, save for his straight, jet-black hair.


The details of Byrge's past he would like to keep secret, but unfortunately for him it is more-or-less publicly known in Thorin's Hall.

Byrge's father was Bysir, in turn a descendant of the Dourhands of Sarnúr, though he and his father Thrasir were reconciled to the Firebeards by time of Thráin II and indeed helped the Longbeards to build the mansion later known as Thorin's Hall. In later days however Bysir became a follower of Gormr Doursmith, and it is rumored both he and Byrge personally participated in his rebellion. But mere days later, Byrge defected back to the Longbeards in order to protect his mother and sister, who had become captives back at the Hall.

Since then Byrge has tried to live quietly as an obedient Longbeard subject, taking whatever work he can to support his family. Unsurprisingly, there's not very much offered him.

Maurr, to whom he is devoted. Friendly with some others, such as Maurr's brother Blida, Maddoct, Finchley, Addiela, and Lucey. And one particular other person...
Mother and little sister in the Thorin's Gate neighbourhood; father's whereabouts unknown.
He wouldn't list anyone, but he might be on some lists.
Milk coffee, buttered toast; music, art, and poetry; cooking, working, keeping house.
Talking to strangers
Just to do his work and get paid... at least, until recently.

Byrge's Adventures

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Byrge's Adventures

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Byrge's Gallery