Taite Rushwood

Name Taite
Boarding House Keeper
Young Adult
A small cottage on the forested edge of Knotwood village
Outward Appearance

Shining, ink-black hair bobs carelessly about the shoulders of this comely woman, framing wide-set, green eyes whose gold-dotted irises hearken to a mossy forest floor. Her expression is open and curious about the world around her, as well as its people, though not without a guarded caution that whispers of past hurts. A smile or a laugh will reveal two soft dimples in her cheeks. Plain, frugal dresses are her most common attire, with a thick woolen shawl added during the winter months. She is not so very tall, but is well built, having been raised in a home that prizes hard work and fortitude. She walks with a very pronounced limp, but is fiercely independent, and gets about quite well. A keen eye may notice that one of her shoes does not match the other. 



(Image created with Artbreeder and Krita.

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Plain-spoken, humble, and kind, she is a Bree-ish soul through and through. She is known to be abundantly generous and warmly empathetic to the trials of others, but she has no capacity to suffer fools and she cannot tolerate violence. Few things does she value above honesty and kindness. 

She can most often be found at the Boarding House, strolling through the peaceful streets of Knotwood, and occasionally driving a pony cart to and from the town of Bree. 

Many about Bree, and the list is always growing! Her warmest affections are towards Arlodrir, Gustine, and Maurr.
Her elder brother, Emory, lives in Bree. Her parents are deceased.
None at all, though anyone who threatens someone she cares for will be under her wrath!
Tarvarthal, with all her heart and soul. Simple pleasures. Her cat, Pumpkin. Kind folk. Tempering sorrow with humor. Choosing gratitude. Animals of all kinds. Tales of far-off lands. Sweets. Singing and humming to herself.
Being unable to do things due to her physical limitations. Her brother's ale-fueled temper. Cruel, unkind, or dishonest folk.
To live a life of authenticity, humility, gratitude, and love.
"Ah, that's kind of you." "I will. I promise."

Taite's Adventures

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Taite's Adventures

Taite's Gallery

Taite's Gallery