Maurr Bóurrul

Name Maurr
Soldier on leave
Outward Appearance

A good-looking dwarf of about 100 with a short brown beard and a magnificent braided moustache, gentle, merry eyes, and a disposition to burst into loud laughter at every opportunity. He's leaner than average, but his upper body is still impressively muscular and scattered here and there with small scars from combat and training mishaps, and he moves with perhaps surprising nimbleness — and panache.


These days he's most often seen in a soft brown tunic and a cloak worn asymmetrically over his left shoulder, a bit like a fashion-forward duelist. Also asymmetrical is what might seem, at a casual glance, to be a metal gauntlet worn only on his left side; closer inspection, though, would reveal this to be an intricately articulated prosthetic hand, undecorated but still beautiful in its design’s simple functionality. Sometimes he switches this hand out for a simple hook or different tool, but the versatility of its individually movable and locking fingers makes it his most common choice.


In town he tucks a side-axe and a smith’s hammer into his belt, but any arms or armor more than that is a rare sight, and he wears civilian clothes more and more easily.


The second son of Bóurr, a veteran of Azanulbizar turned wealthy gold- and wiresmith in his late age, Maurr was born in Ered Luin but moved with his family to Erebor following its recapture in his mid 20s. Though a passable armorsmith, Maurr's main craft has always been the axe; in his career he has been at various postings both east and west of the Misty Mountains, traveling wherever Longbeard soldiers are needed. Though strong and skilled, he's not yet distinguished himself above and beyond his fellows or received an epithet that stuck; this seems to suit him just fine, as he's no glory hound.

Most recently he was part of patrols in the Misty Mountains, but following the injury that lead to the amputation he's been put on an extended leave, both for his convalescence and to help his family.

Byrge, Maddoct, Rubiginosa, Arlodrir!?, Finnric, Arlis, Finchley, various friendly acquaintances
Father, mother, elder brother, and two younger siblings (Rofda and Blida)
Frui, Garsi, and one particular frog
Family, friends, fighting his friends, making others laugh, being of service
Cruelty, bullying
"To be gentle without apology is the fiercest of all."

Maurr's Adventures

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Maurr's Adventures

Maurr's Gallery

Maurr's Gallery