Leoffrith, son of Leoffler

Name Leoffrith
journeyman stable-keeper
youthful but weathered
4 Chestnut, Hookworth
Outward Appearance

The wide-eyed wonder of youth still colors Leoffrith's countenance, softening the edges of the rugged, weather-worn look of a stable-keeper who spends his working day outdoors. A deep russet in his hair and beard betray his Eorlingas heritage. He has the muscles of a man who lives by the sweat of his brow. Those who meet him might take an impression of a man of unshakeable confidence, or one plagued by doubt and uncertainty, depending on when and where they meet him, as he threads a path between day by day.


The fifth son of a crofter near Marton, Leoffrith's life was set out before him, when a casual mention of a chance encounter set him on a different path. Unbeknownst to him, he'd happened to see something that could incriminate someone in a position of power. The best way to remove the threat of him saying, or seeing, more, was to send him on a fool's errand, searching for something that never existed.

And so, the Thane of Marton, unwitting pawn in this scheme, gave Leoffrith a fine horse and a scant purse, and sent him on a journey up the Anduin. He would seek what had become of those few of the Éothéod who could not, or chose not to, journey to Calenardhon after Cirion granted it to Eorl and his people. And more importantly, he was to try to find an ancient lantern, thought to have been left amongst those lost cousins of Eorl, which was purported to possess the power to dispel all forms of shadow, not just ordinary darkness. The wise counselors to the King thought it might be able to break the Curse of Wyrgende before that curse led Prince Théodred to woe.

Over the course of three years he pursued this task as far north as Framsburg's ruins, as far east as the Dale-lands and Erebor, as far west as Bree and the Shire, and even to the Elven lands of Imladris and Dwimordene. While he found traces of the Éothéod, he learned that no such lantern was ever made, nor could have been. By then, though, he'd chosen to make his life in Hookworth, and was given permission to return there, at the cost of his chance to dwell in Rohan again.

He returned to find the life he chose was in tatters. After two years as a journeyman serving at Hengstacer Farms, then at the Trestlebridge stable, he's braving Bree once more, working at the stables of the west gate, and hoping to make a new start in Bree.

parents, four brothers, four sisters back in the Mark
none yet
deceit; loneliness
making friends; making Bree feel like his home; becoming a master stable-keeper

Leoffrith's Adventures

Shifting runes, shifting stones, shifting lives 1 month 4 weeks ago
Fretting and worrying 2 months 3 weeks ago
Returning to the Shire 2 months 4 weeks ago
Learning horse-doctoring 3 months 3 weeks ago
Thoughts dark or hopeful 4 months 4 hours ago
Leoffrith's Adventures

Leoffrith's Gallery

Leoffrith's Gallery