Maddoct / "Doc"

Name Maddoct
Physician, inventor, jeweler.
Adult -- 123
At the moment, he resides in Dale.
Outward Appearance

Maddoct, commonly called Doc, looks no older than 120 years of age, but could be mistaken for a bit younger due to his demeanor and round face.


Appearance-wise, he holds a rather portly figure, ruddy cheeks, jolly eyes, and silver beads clasped throughout his locks. His short-ish moustache obscures half his mouth and his beard comes to the top of his chest -- in that beard is usually an intricate bead; one that other Dwarves would identify as a traditional symbol of courtship.


Primarily, he dons comfortable but nice clothes, and more often than not has a tiny, white gold quill-shaped pin on his lapel. His left hand boasts a plain silver ring, which gets frequently waved about while he speaks.


Skilled in many things, Doc is a master of none; he does healing and medicine, can create jewelry and prosthetics (combine the two to get a bedazzled limb), likes to paint, and enjoys playing music of all kinds, but he wouldn't claim to have perfected any one craft.


Watch out -- papers of various sorts could fall out of his overstuffed pack, among other (possibly weird) things. Still, even though that thing is surely heavy to lug around, he's nearly never seen without it. It all makes a noise when he walks around, which is recognizable to anyone who knows him; Maddoct can be heard before he's seen.


As a pacifist, this Dwarf prefers to stay away from violence; he'd rather heal than harm. And yet, if need be, he can protect himself or others (though he appears about as threatening as a soft dumpling). 


A sensitive sort, he turns ruddy-faced at the darndest things! He's been called queer and strange much more than once. Too soft for a Dwarf, some think; too easy to blush, too malleable. Despite his oddities, Maddoct seems to always have good intentions, and appears to be full of nothing but innocent friendliness and kindness -- unless there's reason for him not to be.



Family in the Iron Hills and Red Mountains, Cyanite (not by blood, but affection). Maevendis and her kin (again by affection).
None that he knows of..
Food, feeling useful, shiny things and trinkets, genuine friends, hugs!!
Disappointing others, bullying, failed projects or efforts.

Maddoct's Adventures

Maddoct's Adventures

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