The Shadow Walkers: Lhaereth The Stained

The three friends and the dozens of other Warriors might have just encountered Shelob but the joy and glory of having no casualties did not last lore. Almost immediately after they left Shelob's Lair they found themselves in the unending darkness of Mordor once again. And their next step would be Agarnaith. As they moved through Dor Amarth, they met with two other groups and raided not only the orc encampment of Fushaum Tum but several more other encampments of the minions of the Enemy. They eventually reached Barad-Dur, though they found it in ruins and saw no foe or friend there - or so it seemed. Thus they headed to the fortress of Agarnaith. Some of the Rangers were cowering in fear when they saw that cursed land, but the elves and Katrandil did not fear Lhaereth and her fell blight. They entered the castle through a rupture that seemed like it opened because of an explosion, and inevitably fell in Lhaereth's trap.

In a tight dark corridor that was only lit by a brazier in the shape of the Eye, Lhaereth and -the now corrupted- Dúlgabeth appeared in front of them and they caught and handcuffed Calaerneth faster than her eyes could blink. They stood in front of Ornessar and the company with wide smiles full of irony, Dúlgabeth holding Calaerneth's eyes shut and Lhaereth holding a dagger right by Calaerneth's throat, and she said: "What now, Ornessar? Long have you got in the way of the Dark Lords Sauron and Melkor alike, long have you fought against us and mercilessly slain our friends and kin, but now you shall repay for your crimes. You will stay motionless in fear while you see all that lights up your miserable life to die in vain in front of you, and you can do nothing to stop me", she said, letting out an evil, ironic, and horrible laugh. "And as if that was not enough, you will then exit this fortress alone and find yourself encircled by the armies of Barad-Dur. There you will meet your end. I say again; what now Ornessar?".

Ornessar replied, and as he did, he felt himself as if he was engulfed by the light of Valinor. His presence could be strongly felt even from a hundred metres away. With a deep, strong, loud, but toneless voice, Ornessar replied: "I do not know fear. You cannot and will not harm any free peoples in my presence. With Orneswa and Gwaechuil I shall strike you down as the free folk rise from the ashes once more. The strength of the Ñoldor, the fairness of the Vanyar and the skill of the Teleri shall fall upon you, your army, and your allies as we enter a new era. Your time has come, Lhaereth - now go back from whence you came. You are already dead. Begone!", he said, holding his sword outstretched, his eyes filled with rage and bloodlust; as if they were inundated by a flame.

Lhaereth and Dúlgabeth stepped back in fear, taking their hands off the elf. As Calaerneth saw her beloved in that condition, she too raged and tried to break her chains, but failed. Ornessar ran towards Lhaereth and Dúlgabeth, murdering them and cutting off their heads. After stealing the key to remove Calaerneth's chain, he took a javelin from a ranger and placed Lhaereth's head on it, one of the warriors holding it like a banner as he, Calaerneth, and the other warriors ran outside in their rage, ready to fight the servants of the Enemy who had allegedly encircled the fortress. The enemy was intimidated, so the group was able to easily cut through them and win the battle. The fellowship then moved went to Naerband, freeing the people imprisoned in that horrid place. After the rage subsided, the elves looked at each other's eyes lovingly and rushed to hug one another tightly. "I would not stand to lose you...", Ornessar told her in (Telerin) Quenya as he shed a tear on her shoulder. "I would not stand to lose you either, my love...", she replied, crying as well. They kissed passionately, and for a moment it was like Mordor was filled with light, hope and happiness. After that, the group continued their adventure, moving south and then north again, finishing their unfinished business.