House of Ornessë

Founding date
Founded: First Age 1 | Current Timeline: Fourth Age 2
To liberate Arda from every shadow that looms over it
Main area of operations
Ered Luin, Rivendell, Lothlórien, Mirkwood, Gondor
Kinship type
Fanyamar, The Green Company, the Eledhrim, and many of the Free Peoples of Middle-earth. We are the successors of the Ornelië
Servants of Sauron
Kinship status
Dormant (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)



The Elder Days have passed, many has been lost but the battle is not yet won. The Third Age now wanes, but the House of Ornessë stands strong even now that it is time for all Free Peoples to unite against the Dark Lord, Sauron and his allies. The kinship was founded by Ornessë and Nemiron, in Alqualondë, during the Years of the Trees. Its purpose was then one; to unite the Heirs of Ornessë and other Eldar under one flag. As the time passed, Nos Ornessë grew large and housed not only the Eldar but also the Edhil, Edain and all other Elf-Friends of Middle-Earth, in their fight against Morgoth, Sauron and every other source of evil in Arda.

Many members and friends of the House of Ornessë might be seen wearing clothes with the symbols of the House of Ornessë; a tree and the moon, or a large metallic cloth-pin with the Tree of Ornessë, sometimes decorated with valuable gems. The clothes and pins are typically made by a Caun of the House.

Made by Morellian



 The House of Ornessë has created many flags and banners, each used for different purposes. Those are:

  • ~The flag of the United Heirs of the Ornelië, composed of 9 horizontal lines - five sky-blue, four white, and a grey circle in the middle, which contains a deep blue sixteen-point star surrounded by a sky-blue olive circlet.
  • ~The flag of the House of Ornessë; a cyan flag with the tree of Ornessë in the middle, in white, and surrounded by a knot with no ends, and a white star to the left and to the right of it.
  • ~The war-banner of the House of Ornessë; a blood-red flag with a three-point knot and a circle in the middle, in gold, and one golden fox to the left and to the right. In the top and the bottom of the flag, there are two thick gold lines.
  • ~The ensign of Ornessë; a rose-red flag with a white line at the top and the bottom, and a white eagle with golden nails and a golden beak. The eagle's wings are extended as if it is flying. Below it, the words ''Nos Ornessë'' are written in Quenya-style Tengwar, in white
  • ~The ensign of Ornessar and Alfirieth; a flag similar to Ornessë's but with a black background, golden lines, and a gold-coloured two-headed eagle in the middle, with its wings extended - signifying the two twins, Ornessar and Alfirieth
  • ~The ensign of Melethiel; a flag similar to the ensign of Ornessar and Alfirieth, but with white lines and a swan instead of an eagle, with its wings extended. 
  • ~The war-banner of Ornessar; a black flag with a lion's head silhouette in the middle, its mane coloured gold, its face black, and its eyes white. Below it, there are two white swords, crossing each other in an x-shaped manner.
  • The ensign of the House of Ornessar; a black flag similar to the one of Alfirieth's and Ornessar's, but with a one-headed phoenix of similar style as their eagle, rising from inside a fire, its wings extended
  • ~Naval ensigns of Ornessë, Ornessar/Alfirieth, Ornessar, Melethiel, House of Ornessar; all of which are of the same style as the original flags, but their shape is triangular
  • ~Naval flags of the House of Ornessë. The trading flag is coloured blue and has a golden anchor. The war flags are colour-coded and have the same symbol as the land war-banner, sans the foxes. The offensive war flag is fully blood-red, the defensive flag is half red and half black, and the truce flag is half white and half red. 

Kinship strength: Several hundreds


Alfirieth High-Captain Alfirieth Hithfaerel Elf
Calaerneth High-Commander Calaerneth Nemirieth Elf
Nymerien High-Healer Nymerien Elf
Ornessar High-Commander Ornessar, Son of Ornessë Elf
Ornesse High-Admiral Ornessë of the Ornelië Elf
Rhaenyel High-Warden Rhaenyel Elf
Silarathiel High Lady Sílarathiel Elf

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