Glorfinnien Ealendil Míresgaleth

Name Ealendil
Student of Ainulindalë
Born in Doriath
Outward Appearance

Possessing the beauty of her eldarin kin, Ealendil seems ageless and untouched by the passing of time, but for the slightest hint at a crease between her brows that may betray past sorrows not easily forgotten. With fair, almost golden, hair and light complexion she sets herself a little apart from most of her Telerin kin. She is not especially tall, just a little below average height of her kind, yet beneath her lithe and graceful stature there are hints at an indomitable strength.


There is laughter and warmth in her eyes, maybe even a mischievous playful glint, though she may not always appear ready to laugh, and when she speaks or sings, she does so in a rich and melodious voice. She moves gracefully, somewhat controlled and measured, perhaps suggesting a more martial background, and her seeming preference of green colors in her clothing may speak of woodland influences.


Ealendil was born to Cellinnil, a minstrel of Eglador of old, and later Doriath, with golden hair, and Faelon, a Nandor of Ossiriand, once a warden in service of Lord Denethor. Glorfinnien she was called by her parents, though she herself had the same golden hair as her mother. Her mother did her best to pass her passion of music onto her daughter. Alas, to her mother's dismay, Ealendil took much after her father, often traveling with him throughout the forest of Doriath, and beyond.

After the dreadful murder of Lord Elu Thingol and Lady Melian’s return to Aman, her parents left to seek refuge at the Ilse of Balar. Later, after the Belegaer had broken through Ered Luin during the War of Wrath, they resettled among the eastern vales of Ered Luin, close to Mithlond.

Peaceful were those early years in vales of Ered Luin, but soon they became tarnished by the growing unrest among some of the Sindar living in Lindon. Even her father grew restless and sought to escape the Noldorin influence beneath Lord Gil-Galad's rule.

Inspired by the migration of Lord Orophin, Ealendil’s father convinced her mother to wander further east to kin living beyond the Vales of Anduin. The move to Amon Lanc in southern Eryn Galen sparked Ealendil’s love for exploring new lands and places.

The years in the Great Greenwood were cherished ones, offering much joy and comfort. It was during those years Ealendil discovered the more martial side of herself, and trained as a warrior and warden of the Greenwood. In those years she was called Míresgaleth, hidden jewel, by those close to her.

However, Ealendil’s mother never found happiness and peace living in Eryn Galen. She missed the company of her own kindred. Tension grew between Ealendil’s father and mother, and eventually her mother, with heavy heart, decided to move to Lórinand where some of her kin and friends of old had come to settle during the early years of Lord Amdír’s reign.

At the time of the last alliance, Ealendil and her father traveled south with the great host of Lord Orophir. Alas, the war spelled disaster, in the initial assaults at the battle of Dagorlad her father was struck down, dying in her very arms. The only memory she managed to salvage of her father was the brooch he had carried, the one that her mother had given him when they married.

After the war Ealendil made her way to her mother in Lórinand. When her mother saw the brooch her daughter brought with her she lost all will to go on living in Middle-earth. Deep in her heart, Ealendil’s mother had kept alive the dream of eventually bridging the differences between her and Ealendil’s father. Despite being surrounded by friends, kin, and loving daughter, she longed to get away, and it did not take long until she asked her daughter to accompany her to the Havens.

On the journey to the Havens Ealendil and her mother got closer, closing the gap of the many years that had separated them. Alas, it was not enough to persuade her mother to stay, and Ealendil herself was not ready to accompany her mother across the sea. Very much her father’s daughter, she agree hole-heartedly with him that Ennor, Middle-earth, has so many wonders worth protecting and caring for.

After seeing her mother sail away into the west, Ealendil didn’t want to go back to either Eryn Galen or Lórinand, they simply had nothing to offer her anymore but too many sad memories. Instead she chose to settle in her parent’s old house in the vales of Ered Luin. Finding it in a dreadfully neglected state, she decided to try to bring it back to its former glory of her early years.

At the height of the Witch-king’s power, reluctant though she was to pick up arms again, Ealendil heeded the summons of Lord Círdan, and lent her support in the war efforts, riding with the Host of the West to Fornost.

Being a restless spirit and seeking the company of others of her own kind, she often found herself traveling. She used to make the trip to Lórien, visiting friends of her mother. But in more recent years, as the crossing of the Hithaeglir became ever more difficult, her wandering often took her to the peaceful valley of Imladris. Finding more of her kind there, and making new acquaintances, she stayed for longer and longer periods, reluctant to go back home.

Feeling the emptiness and lifelessness of her parents’ old house, and longing to be with like-minded, she decided to lock it up and leave. Without looking back, she led her two horses, packed with what she had chosen to take with her, her mother's harp in one hand, onto a journey that would bring her to the peaceful valley she now had come to consider home.

Ealendil is torn between her mother's passion for music, and her father's love of the wild and the forests. This conflict often leaves her bewildered and sad, and used to be resolved by seeking solace in wandering both near and far. However, as years have passed, her mother's legacy has gained influence, giving her restless spirit much needed ease and comfort.

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Gellon ned i gelir i chent gîn ned i gladhog.

Ealendil's Adventures

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Ealendil's Adventures

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Ealendil's Gallery