Marchwarden Morellian Hithmeril

Name Morellian
Marchwarden of Mithlond
Born in the First Age
Outward Appearance

Morellian is an elf of the Teleri, with grey-blue eyes and raven-dark hair that reaches her mid-back when loose. Some would say that she looks a lot like her grandfather, Nemiron. She bears no visible scars and her eyes are kind, but betray a quiet sadness.

Morellian in T.A. 3017, by Arindiis


Morellian often wears grey or white when off-duty, but while patrolling the woods of Lindon she wears green and brown to blend in with her surroundings. She is rarely seen far from her beloved steed Elenath.


Born Hithmeril in F.A. 507 to Calaerneth and Ornessar, Morellian, as she later became known, was a mere child when her home was destroyed and many of her friends lost in the Fall of Gondolin. Thankfully her family survived unscathed and journeyed to the Mouths of Sirion. There the young Morellian made the acquaintance of Círdan, Lord of the Falathrim, and dwelt for a short time on the Isle of Balar, where she found peace amongst the waves after the dramatic events of her young childhood.

In F.A. 538 the House of Ornessë, now dwelling in Lindon, received news of the Third Kinslaying at the Havens of Sirion. Heartbroken and outraged at the destruction of this second place she had called home, Morellian decided she would train as a warrior and dedicate her life in a struggle against her two greatest enemies: Morgoth and his foul servants who had taken her childhood from her, and the House of Fëanor who had murdered so many of her Teleri kindred.

After the War of Wrath, Morellian journeyed with her House to Eriador to establish the sanctuary of Ardholen. After two decades, by which time she had matured to full adulthood, Morellian received an invitation from her old friend Círdan to serve him as a warrior and a bodyguard at Harlindon. She accepted, and when her master later moved to Mithlond she followed him, becoming one of his most trusted marchwardens, sworn to protect Lindon and the Grey Havens.

The wilds, the sea, being alone.
All dark servants of Morgoth. The House of Fëanor.
The defence of Middle-earth, revenge for the loss and destruction she has experienced.

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