[Poem] For My Beloved Calaerneth


Seasons In Rivendell - A Poem For My Beloved Calaerneth.


If I was the bloodstained earth,

You would be my blooming trees.

To joy and love, you gave birth.

Lady of life, light of the Seas.


If I was the deep blue sea,

You would be my starry sky.

Visions I cannot unsee,

Our love shall never die.


If I was the autumn rain,

You would be my storming cloud.

By your side in every pain,

And I proudly say aloud:


Calaerneth elvanui,

Fire in the winter snow!

In these dark days, we still roam free,

As we did and long ago.


In Valinor our love was born;

To Beleriand, it migrated.

In Endor, it grew once more,

Always commemorated.



(The lyrics are my own)