Of Ornessar and Calaerneth: Betrothal And Marriage

-Ornessar to Góphinthil, in the Hall of Fire.-

As I said before, I and Calaerneth were inseparable since the time we first met. We spent every day, every hour together and even stayed at each other's family's houses quite often. I can still remember even the tiniest detail of every single conversation, drawing, song, dance, game or anything else we did together. In the end, we were both drawn to the world of knowledge and it is apparent and well-known that we started studying or even developing our own books together. Inevitably, this brought us even closer. Just a few years after we first met, we made it public that we were in love and wanted to get married.

Our families both gathered at the feast hall of my House, the House of the Ornelië, and there I asked Calaerneth's parents if I and she could be betrothed and whether we had their blessing. They cheerfully agreed, and our families feasted and danced together. Thus, I and Calaerneth got betrothed that day - exchanging silver rings and taking a sacred oath to each other. As the news spread around Alqualondë, many were joyous of this event, and everyone would be cordially invited to our marriage one year later.

Ai... The day I first met, the day I married Calaerneth and the days in which our children were born are still the happiest and most important and memorable days of my entire life. Now... The day of our wedding was perfect, and the temperature was just right so we could wear the outfits we were preparing for this day all this time. The light of Telperion was shining brightly.

 I, Calaerneth, our families and many elves of Alqualondë and other elven domains of Valinor gathered and marched all around the city. Music was playing on every road and smiles could be seen everywhere. We eventually reached Alqualondë's biggest square - the Court of Olwë - and that is where our ceremony would take place. We and our parents and siblings rose up and stood on top of an exquisite marble structure so that everyone could see and hear us. After a short speech by my mother Ornessë - a very respected and well-known citizen of Alqualondë -, the marriage would officially begin. We took yet another oath and confessed our unending love for each other, and replaced our plain silver betrothal rings with new, magnificent rings we crafted for each other and were perfect for in the eyes of both of us. The rings themselves were imbued with the Light of Valinor and would prove very useful in the future even as just a source of hope.

We then proceeded to give each other a tight hug and a long, passionate kiss - and as we did that, Telperion and Laurelin shone brightly for that moment in the likeness of our hair. Our clothes were waving in the wind alongside the banners of the Ornelië and Alqualondë. She was wearing a beautiful sky-blue dress, with light blue and white roses made out of fabric decorating it. I was wearing a robe of the same colour and similar design, though with fewer flowers, and with the Tree of the Ornelië outlined in dark blue at the back. We both were wearing flower circlets - just like you are right now, by the way.

But let us go back on topic. The people were cheering - your family and Lord Hírgon were there too! I and my beloved Calaerneth then proceeded to give each other a flower. She gave me a magnolia flower, and I gave her a white rose. We lovingly stared into each other's eyes for a while and once again got lost in the world of thoughts. We then smiled at each other warmly and held our hands together. We were officially married, having taken an oath before the Valar and Eru Ilúvatar Himself. Thus the ceremony ended, and the "audience" sat by the tables and enjoyed a long feast.

When the feast ended, everyone returned to their homes. I and Calaerneth would now officially move to our own little house together, in the massive yard of Nos Ornelië. We unlocked the door and placed our gift-boxes in the living room and proceeded to change clothes. We both had very athletic and toned bodies, which we still possess to this day. We put on some more relaxing outfits and sat next to each other, unboxing family gifts at first and then reading yet another book together and embracing one another. And this is how the tale starts...