Elegant and rustic Cider House

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Northtown - Ost Forod

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- Here, my kin dwelled for many ages, I feel..so strange to walk among this walls. I wish to see Annuminas, town upon Evendim. - Hiath stood as watching village among ruins, he wrapped arm around Briannons waist and kept her close as first stars appeared. 

- Then we should. We already planned to return over the Oatbarton pass, one day or two.. - Briannon looked up to Hiath - Gwenlind is safe with Fairen, she is my blood, and Fairen never betrayed my trust. So one or two days delay.. would only worry Cynric, but we can say some excuse.. -

Tired traveler

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An extraordinary traveler, woman of letters and knowledge, rare explorer that dares to walk miles and miles just for one passage of old text. Cousin, but more she is a sister to Briannon, as there was no other who understood her wanderlust.

She is home.

A Weird Dream

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"Marrie... sweetheart, your supper's ready..." her mother said, walking over to the bed and kneeling down. Marrienne stirred a little bit, before she nodded at sat up, looking more tired than before she'd laid down for her nap. She also looked heavily pregnant--very heavily pregnant, at that.

"Thanks, Mom." she replied, her voice heavy with sleep.

Trouble in the Marshes

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Its been a busy few days, Briannon asked me to come along on a trip with her company to the Midgewater Marshes, they were searching for some sort of ancient altar there, don't ask me why. I wasn't going to pass on an invitation from Briannon though so i took up on her offer and we met up with the rest of the group who'd be coming along just outside of the ruined fort in the ruins.

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