Northtown - Ost Forod

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- Here, my kin dwelled for many ages, I strange to walk among this walls. I wish to see Annuminas, town upon Evendim. - Hiath stood as watching village among ruins, he wrapped arm around Briannons waist and kept her close as first stars appeared. 

- Then we should. We already planned to return over the Oatbarton pass, one day or two.. - Briannon looked up to Hiath - Gwenlind is safe with Fairen, she is my blood, and Fairen never betrayed my trust. So one or two days delay.. would only worry Cynric, but we can say some excuse.. -

To Northtown (Ost Forod)

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Hiath and Briannon took a break in middle of Bree fields covered with dandelions and other wildflowers. Early summer was never so beautiful. 

A job at Forochel

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After surviving a whole month with no adventures, the Bree Adventurers Association was finally hired for a job: mammoths hunting at Forochel! The idea of travelling and riding far north was all i needed to forget about some recent events in Bree.

Faustino's Journal, The Courier

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Faustino’s Journal, Eight night since the eighth moon of this year. Bronhaven, A knock on the door, I tilted my head while I was sitting in my chair, who could it be, I walked to the door, opened it and there was a man, introduced himself as “the courier” he handed me a pouch filled with silver coins, and a letter…
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