Founding date
Second Age 3430; recently reconvened.
To evoke a living, breathing elven community in Falathlorn.
Main area of operations
Eriador - in particular, Ered Luin and those lands adjacent. Often found patroling the borders of Lindon and all roads leading there ensuring safe passage for all elves seeking the Grey Havens. 
Kinship type
Not noted
Kinship status
Active and recruiting
Recruiting Officer(s)

Hiril Lothoniel ~ Tûr of the herth
and Arnelloth ~ Commander of many banners among the Mithdirith


A History of the Flower of the Havens 

With the mustering of the Edhil of Lindon for the War of the Last Alliance, a great and numerous host descended upon the Haven of Mithlond: Falathrim of Harlindon, loyal to Círdan, and Edhil of Forlindon, in the train of Gil-galad. All were a sight wondrous to behold, and the countless banners and pennants of their houses fluttered above their camps, kissed by a fragrant wind borne of Aman.

Among the force gathered from Harlindon, a number of the noble houses and their retinues were determined to march as one body: the pride of the Falathrim. Thus, sparkling and bright with their silver helms, swords and spears, the warriors of these houses joined the great host as it began its long way East towards the distant Hithaeglir.

As they marched through Arthedain, bound for Amon Sûl, those who watched them pass were amazed; for being Lindar, that part of the host was ever resounding with song and music. They sang as they marched through those lands, and their voices rang with hope and light, and shadows fled before them.

An anthem was woven as they set out, a song bound with words of valour, hope and determination. They sang of the Loth-i-Lonnath:

Flower of the Havens,
Blossom white and fair,
Beauty unsurpassed,
To you none can compare!

Feet rooted in the sand,
Head turned to the breeze.
Spray of sea: your water,
Your food: the sun at ease!

O Flower of the Havens
Blossom pure and bright
Splendour of the shorelands
Beacon of the light!

From the Havens of the Falas
On the shores of the shining sea
We march as one together
To the fields of victory!

So come fair folk of Lindon
O come and join our fight
We march into the darkness
Come let us bring there light!

When other kindreds heard their songful approach, they would cry out "Here comes the Flower of the Havens!" The Falathrim welcomed the appellation, and the Loth-i-Lonnath adopted as their emblem the Uilos flower, wreathed with Oiolairë. When the host paused for a time at Imladris, many wrought such symbols to decorate their shields, and articles such as cloak brooches and other jewellery. Thus equipped, they fought shoulder to shoulder in the battles that awaited them in the east. Many never returned to the peaceful havens from whence they came, but they were remembered ever after by the songs they sang during those fateful years. Since then, their numbers have diminished, and that glorious flowering of Edhil is now little more than a memory...




What then has become of those folk that did return to their beloved Lindon? How does the Flower of the Havens appear at the end of the Third Age?


The Mithdirith
our martial order

The Nothrim
our household staff

Golwen Edhil
our scholars

our musicians

people of the havens


In summary, there are as many different answers as there are Elves dwelling in Falathlorn. Each carries within them their own tales and motivations. What stories might YOUR elf tell? What part will their thread play in the weaving of Falathlorn's rich social tapestry?

Joining the Flower of the Havens

Founded in May 2010, we are a well-established immersive Elven roleplaying kinship that focuses primarily on Teleri elves, particularly those of the Sindar/Falathrim origin due to our in-world location of living and working in the Lindon area (Mithlond, Duillond, Celondim). We have a long and proud history on Laurelin of providing an environment for roleplayers who crave an authentic Elven home. If you want to join us, please have...

...a strong desire to roleplay in a lore observant environment,

...a proper Elven name,

...an understanding of Tolkien Elves and Middle-Earth lore,

...availability to attend kin events.

All of these things are equally important; However, even if you meet all of the above, personality and compatibility matter both in and out of character. Find us, RP, and get to know us, so that we get to know you. 

To determine if you are a good candidate you must...

...be an Elf that is preferably Teleri/Sindar/Falathrim origin,

...have a laurelinarchives.org profile with a written background,

...attend our gatherings regularly,

...demonstrate through your RP that we may be a good fit for each other.

This means that membership is not given instantly to anyone who asks. We are selective and you must display patience. Membership is earned gradually through thoughtful action on your part and consistent RP with us. After a period of time of RPing with you at our gatherings, if you seem like a good candidate, you will be invited to fill out our application.

If your application is approved, you will qualify for trial membership. To become a full member you must complete the trial membership period within 2 months or you will be dropped from the roster.


Hours of Activity

We are an European kinship. Our prime hours of activity will be roughly around the hours listed below. Be aware that Laurelin server is physically located in North America's Eastern time zone which is what is referred to as servertime. When you see events listed as "Starting at 3:00 PM Servertime" use /servertime in game to assist if you're not sure what time it is on the server in relation to where you are on the planet. Most events are advertised in servertime and we consistently start events around 3 PM. Events usually run until our EU members log out for bed between 6 and 7 PM servertime. Our NA members, may be on later of course, but this is generally when things quiet down for the night.

See your time zone below to get an idea of when we're the most active for your region.

"~" means aproximate

Europe   North America  
Western Time (UK) ~06:00 PM thru ~11:00 PM  Pacific Time ~10:00 AM thru ~03:00 PM 
Central Time ~07:00 PM thru ~12:00 AM  Mountain Time ~11:00 AM thru ~04:00 PM
Eastern Time ~08:00 PM thru ~01:00 AM Central Time ~12:00 PM thru ~05:00 PM
    Eastern Time
~01:00 PM thru ~06:00 PM  


Presently, our kin nights are on Tuesdays. See our home page for more details or updates.


Trial Membership

• Minimum of one month, maximum of two
• RP participation in 4 kin events
• Demonstrate an understanding of basic Tolkien Elven culture/lore through RPing it
• Establish compatibility with our philosophy and get along well with current members

This period of time may be extended with approval from leadership if there is reasonable cause. This is to allow for some flexibility but also we don't want to see someone forever sitting as a recruit on the roster.

At the end of trial membership, officers will review the recruit and collectively decide if they meet our minimum requirements. If so, then the recruit will attend a membership ceremony. All recruits become part of the civilian population upon successful completion of their trial period. In roleplaying terms this means your character is a Gwaith-i-Lonnath, an elf of the Havens, a resident of Duillond (or nearby area) within our herth.


What to do when you meet us...

One can know every bit of lore and still have no feel for playing an elf.
One can have a great feel for playing an elf, never having read a single book.
We don't recruit based solely on how many books you've read, or how many lore based stories you can tell. It's a great advantage to have this knowledge certainly and most of our membership have read the core books, "The Hobbit", "Lord of the Rings", "The Silmarillion" and "Unfinished Tale". It's in your favour if you have too. Those who haven't, likely won't make it as an elf with us, unless you have an amazing feel for playing an elf instinctually. It's rare, but possible. 
Assuming you've read most of the above mentioned books, let your knowledge come through in how you RP, not what you say in RP.  Most people seem to feel like they need to start demonstrating their knowledge right away by reciting lore at our gatherings. While that might tell us you've read the books, it doesn't really speak to how you RP an elf. Ask yourself how would you behave at a gathering in RL? Are you going to prove how human you are by reciting fragments of European history to strangers? Likely not. People know you're human, the rest is how you communicate, behave and interact. Apply this philosophy when RPing. At an elven gathering like ours, assume we know you're an elf, then communicate, behave and interact like one.
Recruitment into LiL is about how well you can embody a Teleri elf based on Tolkien's lore, not how much lore you can recite. Really hear that. RPing an elf for us is more about behaviour, you character's appearance (how your character acts and dresses), how your character presents itself, how they communicate, their temperament, and yes, do they have an appropriate name too. We can read your character profile on laurelinarchives.org to see if your character background is based on lore. We don't need to hear your life story at the first opportunity unless someone asks. When we meet you, we ask ourselves, "Will you and your character integrate well within the kinship?" 
If you're still wondering what to do when you meet us, ask yourself what a real elf would do when meeting up with fellow kindred on a bright starry evening. Ponder it like you're really there, then do whatever you're imaging when you meet us.

The above is a short guide to give you a brief idea of what we're about. If you think we might be the kinship you're looking for, please read...

 Detailed Membership Guide and Roleplaying Guide 
before filling out the application.


For more detailed information about us,
please visit our kinsite! 

All profile artwork created by the players of Aearandir and Curugirion, who retain copyright.


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Aearandir Aearandir Elf
Alfiriel Alfiriel Elf
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Amgaladh Amgaldh Elf
Armanduil Armanduil Elf
Arnelloth Arnelloth Celebfindriel Elf
Avalhinn Avalhinn Runyafin Elf
Belechon Belechon Elf
Celumeldir Celumeldir Elf
Cirdamir Cirdamir, "Peace-bringer" Elf
Cirionar Cirionar Elf
Cirron Cirron Elf
Curugirion Curugirion 'Hirgonui' Elf
Durthand Durthand 'Habadlaer' Elf
Earinlin Earinlin Elf
Eldebaran Eldebaran Elf
Ellothon Ellothon Elf
Eluthand Eluthand Gilborion Elf
Enelduin Enelduin Elf
Erathuil Erathuil Elf


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