Drumatic Reunion

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

Stitches. He was back in Bree-land, while Dru was on her way to Gondor. It was as if fate was ever telling them to stay apart. As if some force continued to separate them from each other. She had given her word, and even his return could not bring her to break it.

The day honour died

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

It was an early morning in Dol Amroth when the gates of the great city opened and 20 riders came out of it, their armour and weapons were shining as they reflected the light of the warm sun. The children of the city ran after them I the opposite direction of their school, watching as the first patrol of the day started. Somewhere in the front lines was a man with a wide smile and gleaming eyes, his name is Ingrandor, a boy that breathed for the army, the passion for honour and duty was instilled into him from his early days.

Dyghus, the Great Strength

IC: A Narrator, whose identity is not known to most, OOC: Me, Nenusidh.

A ranger with a certain past, or rather history, often speaks of tales and adventures that oft the Ranger will not be known for sharing, thus I will be the one doing the sharing. This chronicle, book, novel, will follow the story of Nenusidh and his first years in Angmar.

The Regiment

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Screenshot: General screen

The Regiment and its allianced friends are ready for duty!

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