The Blue Mountains Regiment

Founding date
King Under the Mountain Dain II Ironfoot ordered Dwalin to form a Regiment to protect the Blue Mountains and Ered Luin from enemy threats.Welcoming every single dwarf to under the banner of The Blue Mountains Regiment.
Main area of operations
Western Parts of Middle-Earth.The Blue Mountains, Ered Luin and Thorin's Gate.
Kinship type
Kinship status
Active and recruiting
Recruiting Officer(s)







Shamukh Khazad!

King Under the Mountain Dáin II Ironfoot sent Dwalin to drive out the Dourhands from Blue Mountains. When Thorin's Hall was reclaimed, Governor Dwalin was ordered to form a Regiment to protect the area from enemy threats. Lord Barkgrim, son of Kuinn, was appointed by Dwalin to be the first general of The Blue Mountains Regiment.

At first The Regiment only operated domestically in the Blue Mountains area. As its strength grew, the Regiment was able to send warriors off-shore, to protect every dwarf and all of the free peoples.

In Thorin's Gate non-soldiers also reside.They are crafters, scholars merchants, cooks and woodcarvers. They provide The Regiment with vital supplies. There live also the families of the soldiers. Thanks to the heard work of The Regiment, dwarrows can enjoy a peaceful life in Thorin's Gate--at least for now. In their off duty-time, soldiers can socialize with the civil population at the local pub.

The Blue Mountains Regiment now seeks more brave and skillfull warriors to join its ranks. The Blue Mountains also need a larger civil population to help out with matters such as crafting and festives. The dwarrows of The Blue Mountains are a nice and helpful folk, and any dwarf could feel at home in their halls.

((OOC: Dwarf-only RP-Kinship with uniforms, ranks, several kin houses, regular events and a friendly, helpful environment. Events are parades, military excursions, pub events, crafting events etc. For in-game information, please contact Barkgrim, Brumming, Alhvar, Omali, Snjorblom, Thorslin, Glorymr and Nibun))'



Amliri Amliri Dwarf
Anvari Anvari Dwarf
Arlis Arlis Dwarf
Barkgrim Barkgrim Gilaim's Son Flameturg Dwarf
Blarbrokkr Blárbrokkr Bearshirt Dwarf
Brumming Brumming Clovenbrow Dwarf
Difi Difi Dwarf
Duizir Duizir Kheluzfazul Dwarf
Pri Pri Dwarf
Rodtranorn Rodtranorn, Happy to Help Dwarf
Sitrik Sitrik Burningbeard Dwarf
Thorhof Thorhof, son of Vindalfr Dwarf
Vigga Vigga Dwarf
Virki Virki Belltower Dwarf

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