Taur e-Ndaedelos



As a group of friends and acquaintances engage in their task of assisting the Woodland Realm, they find themselves exposed to unexpected challenges...


Dyghus, the Great Strength, Chapter II: Prove Thy Worth

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

It has been two days and well into noon, by now. Despite so, this did not trouble Nenusidh, perhaps it was one of the reasons why he had to set out so quickly, which was the journey will be a while in itself. He has made way into the steep hills of Nan Amlug, the area where the forest breaks into hill and deep valleys.

Dyghus, the Great Strength

IC: A Narrator, whose identity is not known to most, OOC: Me, Nenusidh.

A ranger with a certain past, or rather history, often speaks of tales and adventures that oft the Ranger will not be known for sharing, thus I will be the one doing the sharing. This chronicle, book, novel, will follow the story of Nenusidh and his first years in Angmar.

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