Of Dreams and Broken Hearts

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Adriwyn shrank in on herself a little, and sighed. 'Not really expecting ever to have love, anyway. Not outside my dreams, anyway.'

A Better Father

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It is eighteen years before. Two years have passed since the death of Haeneth’s husband, Desten, and the chaos of events that saw Haeneth and Thorvall exiled from the Mark. They have once again claimed a hall in Bree-land as their home, guarded by their warband and the often-unseen visitation of a Ranger...

The Thane of Cranborne

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The meadhall was lit, warmed and furnished for a welcome. Two pit-fires blazed with well seasoned birch, ash and oak. The tables hosted only a few of the townsfolk, but were laid out well. Upon the raised platform a man sat and a woman stood. Both were well dressed, and while their colouring differed it was clear when close enough they were kin to one another. "Wesaþ hāle!" The figure stood with a smile aimed at the new arrivals.

Walk in Estel

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Celebaeron watched Brynleigh go with a quiet smile before returning his gaze to Adriwyn and shook his head yet again mumbling "Mortals..." under his breath. "This is the difference between a human and an elven healer. I do not take no for an answer." he added giving Adriwyn a long look.

Within Sight of Foes

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It is five years before. Dytha has not yet seen Rohan, the birthplace of her parents. It is time she returns. Her father takes her south from her refuge of Dale, where she's lived half her life, by the eastern bank of the Anduin. They make their way to Gondor and from there, to the Mark, but encounter trouble along the way...

The Isen's Brittle Peace


The Chronicle details the guardianship of the river Isen and the fragile peace between Dunland and the Mark—the patrol of the Gap, the watch of the Ford, and the defense of the towns, fields, and hills.

I hope any who participate in storylines in that region will contribute. Contact Haeneth or Dytha here or in-game for access.

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