The Isen's Brittle Peace

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Chronicle Summary

The Chronicle details the guardianship of the river Isen and the fragile peace between Dunland and the Mark—the patrol of the Gap, the watch of the Ford, and the defense of the towns, fields, and hills.

I hope any who participate in storylines in that region will contribute. Contact Haeneth or Dytha here or in-game for access.

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“...his desires towards Rohan, though he hid them, were evil.”

The bright helms and hauberks have rusted. The horses lie broken in the field. The spears of the dead litter the Isen-bank like reeds. Rohan is ready to fall.

Or so is Saruman’s hope.

It is not known how long before the King’s health began to fail that the White Wizard set his scheme against him. Not overnight did he slip his sorcery into the bloodwork of the Mark. A friend he long seemed since his coming to Orthanc, but later, much later, there were whispers and signs. The tower at Isengard was fortified. Wildmen were seen in the hills. Those who were long counted as friends were condemned, and corruption began to bleed through the land. While they were pressed on all borders, the Rohirrim withered from within.

Exiled. Imprisoned. Dishonoured. The Horselords who have lost the favour of their King are among the first to suffer the White Wizard’s poison. Driven from their lands or without the coin to care for them, these Rohirrim suffer. They are imprisoned for excusable crimes. They cannot feed their families. In these cold winters snow has swallowed whole villages. Following raids, farms have been burnt to the earth. Country-folk, having fled, cling to the walls of cities that cannot save them.

There might yet be hope for at least a few—some promise of restitution. Having petitioned the King and his Marshalls, the Reeves, and their Thanes, for ten years, a peasant-born huntress has won a fragile chance. The decree she carries, handed down from the throne, promises forgiveness to those who lend their arms to the Isen-guard.

Peace has never been easy with Rohan’s neighbours across the river, but it is crucial now. Taking up the post means not only repelling raiders from the mountains, but forcing justice on horselords who ignore the tenuous truce. It means fighting orcs and bandits, and aiding traders and travellers whose roads take them through the Gap.

Before Saruman can spring his trap at the Fords of Isen, though, it must be laid. While he works to splinter the shield of stalwart men around the King, and Rohan’s renegades close ranks with the rest, not every horselord wishes peace. Gríma is not the only one worm-tongued. Some who ride to the rally at the Isen do so with their own designs. Some come having sworn oaths to the Wizard, or simply to themselves.

These are the times and tales of The Oathsworn and their allies, before the War of the Ring when the Isen runs red.

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