The Black Wolf and Raven

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Any dunlendings or part-dunlendings who wish to have access, let Gryffudd know.

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Stories from the lives of Dunlendings and their descendents. 

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"The Rohirrim were defeated and their land was overrun; and those who were not slain or enslaved fled to the dales of the mountains. Helm was driven back with great loss from the Crossings of Isen and took refuge in the Hornnburg and the ravine behind (which was after known as Helm’s Deep). There he was besieged. Wulf took Edoras and sat in Meduseld and called himself king. There Haleth Helm’s son fell, last of all, defending the doors.” Soon afterwards the Long Winter began…”

—The Lord of the Rings, Appendix A, "The House of Eorl"

For Dunlendings, the Long Winter lives on. We are the descendent of Wulf and those great men, who sacked Edoras in glorious vengeance for the wrong and insult Helm's men caused. Not for that. Not just for the murder in cold blood of our lord Freca. But for the two hundred and fifty years of murders since Eorl the Blight, and Aldor the Butcher. It is two-hundred and fifty years since the son of Freca sat on Meduseld's throne. It is time for another Long Winter. It is time to see the banner of Wulf rise again.

The chronicle follows the lives of any who claim the blood of Dunland. The characters involved set their stories on either side of the Battle of Helm's Deep, so whether you RP in pre-war or post-war Middle Earth, there's room and welcome for you. It follows not just Dunland's hostilities against Rohan, but their internal conflicts, their times of peace, and the ways in which they express the culture they share. If you have a character you would like to include, you are welcome to contribute. For more discussion, join us on the Rohan & the Wild Hills Discord. Image by redrevvy on Etsy.

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