Walk in Estel

Celebaeron watched Brynleigh go with a quiet smile before returning his gaze to Adriwyn and shook his head yet again mumbling "Mortals..." under his breath. "This is the difference between a human and an elven healer. I do not take no for an answer." he added giving Adriwyn a long look. "But you are not my patient and not so not under my care."

Adriwyn shrugs her shoulder. 'What would I do stuck in a bed? Can't even learn to use a sword more properly then. And that's all I'm remotely good for right now.'

Celebaeron | "That is where you are wrong." he said, pointing a long finger at Adriwyn. "Life is about more than just sword-play. Besides how well do you think you will be able to fight if that wound worsens?"

Adriwyn shakes her head slowly. 'Life may be about a lot of things - but it depends on opportunities. Right now... all right, _right_ now, I have basically none that I know of. But in the short term, they're all about fighting. And if I can only fight from horseback, that's still an option.'

Haeneth smirked to herself as she crept in from outside, hearing the last few sparring words. She came forward and listened, awaiting her drink.

Celebaeron lifted his hands in surrender. "You will do what you will do." he said resignedly. "But if you would listen to one who is older and wiser, and who has seen more battles than you ever shall young one, you would rest while you are able to."

Adriwyn nods. 'I'm as resting as I can stand to be. I wouldn't mind resting the leg if I could do more with my hands. But just one hand doesn't let me do any of my armour repair, in particular, and I already replaced and re-sorted by medical supplies. If anyone had ever been willing to teach me to read, then maybe I'd think I had a real option there, but as it is... I can't just sit or lie there doing nothing when I'm not sleeping. I'll go nuts.' She paused and considered briefly. 'More nuts.'

Haeneth grinned, glancing sideways at the elf. "My friend, when will you realize that you cannot know what it means to be a Man, regardless of having known so many?"

Celebaeron caught Haneth's glance and laughed cheerfully. "If I am being honest... probably never. Though there are Men and then there are Men. I understand the Dunedain more. I think there is a reason few of the Rohirrim ever come to Imladris." he added, moving his gaze between the pair. "In the span of a day it would drive them mad." he finished, laughing.

Adriwyn shrugs her shoulder again. 'I'm trying to listen to what you have to say - whether I seem like it or not. But I have to look at it in terms of what I know, and what opportunities I see. I'm sorry if that's annoying.'

Haeneth 's smile widened. She'd not grown in stature since she'd seen him last, but the old Haeneth would never have spoken so to him, even in jest. She turned back to Adriwyn. "Your value to us is more than your sword. We wouldn't drive you needlessly towards danger. If you would like to learn how to read, we can teach you."

Adriwyn fidgets, and flushes a bit, but is clearly thinking that over. 'If... it sounds like a lot of time for someone to put in on me... time that might be better spent. But if I could read, I might at least have something safe to do when I'm supposed to be laid up... and might be able to learn more useful things....' She sighed, fidgeting again. 'Girl like me... doesn't really think that learning to read is a real option, you know? Hard to try to think on it.'

Celebaeron glanced from one to the other weighing his words a moment before speaking. "You can be learned and yet know know how to read or write. Or there are other things to occupy yourself with. Though I understand, if in a limited way, how hard it can be to lay in bed doing nothing. Or apparently nothing. While there are others doing great deeds."

Haeneth kept a patient smile. "You've had a lot of people in your life tell you what you were worth, haven't you? Girls like me..." she echoed, trailing off a moment. "Any time with an ally is time well spent. I can teach you, or I'll try."

Adriwyn flushed. 'I... I worry your time is better spent other ways... but if you want to try, I'll do my best to learn.' She turns to the elf again. 'And it's... built into a lot of us. Maybe it's how we're raised, I don't know. But it's the lack of accomplishing anything while lying there. Not even so much a comparison. But I don't know anything useful I can do with just one hand and one leg, so to speak. Not beyond what I've already done and finished.'

Haeneth |"What's useful is in here," she muttered, tapping her temple, then lay the same hand on her chest. "And here. What you think and what you feel matters more than what you can do with your hands."

Celebaeron nodded "It is something that is in many of you yes. And not just the Rohirrim, but Man as a whole." he added with a thoughtful look between the two mortals in the room. "The need to always be doing. I both admire it and am fearful of what it will do." he said quietly. "Haneth is right too however. There is more to you that what you are doing in the moment."

Adriwyn grunts, but her head-shaking seems more self-directed than argumentative. 'And when I go completely off my nut because I can't even draw, since I can't hold the parchment and the stick at the same time?' She sighs. 'Not sure my thinking is worth much, either... but as you said, I've had a lot of people telling me what I'm - not - worth. Well, the point is that I need to not go off my nut. No, I'd rather not wind up crippled. If there's a way to keep me from losing it while laid up, great. I'm not trying to say you're wrong. Just... I gotta be able to deal with it, too.'

Haeneth watched Adriwyn, a little warm with pride. "We'll help in what ways we can."

Celebaeron sighed. quietly. "We will. I can perhaps aid in the injury's mending. But I cannot snap my fingers and make the injury as if it had never been."

Adriwyn flushed a little, but nodded. 'And I suppose... I should be trying to get to a bed again, anyway. For all I'll probably have bad dreams about being unable to walk now.' She rolled her eyes at herself. 'And I don't expect you could. No matter what the silly tales say.' Adriwyn finishes the last of her bread and washes it down with the remains of her drink.

Haeneth bowed her head, quietly adding, "Good night, Adriwyn. Sleep well if you can.

Celebaeron leaned against the counter with a nod. "Sometimes there is more truth in those stories than you'd expect." he said with a smile. "Rest well."

Adriwyn sets the mug aside on the table, then slowly levers herself up out of the chair, trying to at least be more careful of her leg for now. 'Thank you. Both of you.' Adriwyn stops to look aside. 'But if nobody comes to teach me something or talk to me before I find myself about to start throwing things, I'll be walking around again.' She continues on, then, not really meaning to wait for a response.

Haeneth smirked, echoing over her shoulder, "Good night," as if she'd already made such plans before the woman could mention them.

Celebaeron waved a hand "I have done nothing yet. Save give counsel and for that no thanks is needed. Rest and we shall speak more in the morning."

Adriwyn decides to check her tongue for once. She waves over her shoulder before managing the door and heading off to find her bed.

Haeneth turned once the door was closed, leaning an elbow on the counter. "We're lucky to have her."

Celebaeron turned back to the counter, lowering himself on to one of the stools. "You are. Though I would not call it luck."

Haeneth shook her head, brushing a hand through her poorly-shorn hair. "Of course you would not. It can be both, though. Fortune is fortune."

Celebaeron turned, tilting his head. "Have you learned nothing from me in all these years?" he said, chiding her though only in jest. "There is chance, if chance you would call it. Though none of the Eldar or the Wise would. Nothing is left merely to luck." he said, then laughed unable to help himself.

Haeneth bent her brow. "Have you learned anything from me in the years, Celebarn?" Her tone was curious.

Celebaeron paused mid laugh though the smile did not leave and he considered for a moment before answering. "I have. A great deal in fact."

Haeneth shook her head, charmed by his attempt to humor him. "Of course."

Celebaeron raised a brow "I was being rather serious Haneth." he said firmly. though gently. "Apart from the Dunedain I have had little dealings with others of your kindred. You and Thorvall have taught me much. It is my hope that I can perhaps repay the favor and lend you both my aid in your present... circumstance?"

Haeneth listened, but her expression didn't prove she was convinced. She said after a moment, "How did you and Thorvall become friends? You must admit it is an unlikely pairing."

Celebaeron | "Haneth," he said calmly. "have I ever lied to you? Ever done anything that would cause you to not trust me?" he asked with a sigh shrugging. "Thorvall and I saved each other's lives on more than one occasion. I believe the first was in Evendim. I threw myself between him and a troll and nearly died doing it. And then there was the time in Angmar..."

Haeneth paid him the respect of watching him with as steady gaze as he did her. "You're right. You haven't lied." She turned, pressing her palms against the counter as she glanced at the seat Adri had emptied. "It's easy to listen to those who'd remind you what you aren't worth." She turned her gaze ahead, up at the buck that had been mounted before he'd grown to six points. "Your kind, and the Dunedain, well...many of you are quick to remind people like me what little we know."

Celebaeron took the words in with a thoughtful nod. "There is some truth in that. Though not all are that way. And you must also understand what the reasons are, at least among the Eldar." he paused for a moment and when he spoke it was in a soft voice. "This our home Haneth. It is here that we awoke, here where many of our greatest deeds were done and yet Middle Earth is also the land of our fading. No lasting peace can we find here but only in the West. In time Man will have full dominion. What will you do with it? It has been out place to help heal the hurts of the world. What will be left of that when we have gone?"

Haeneth turned to him. "Why?" Feeling tugged at her tone. "Why must we understand? Why is it fair to be forced to accept answers for questions we never wanted to ask? What about our own questions? What about the world you can't bear to trust to us? If you could only be happy for it." She sat swiping up her cup. "If you could only be happy for us."

Celebaeron sat back a little, watching her curiously. "What questions?" he asked with lifted brow. "How do you know that I am not happy for you? How, in fact, do you not know that we do not even eny you in some ways?"

Haeneth |"Because..." She looked down into her cup, more weary than a woman her age should be. "...if you envy us, then you wish it was you who stayed."

Celebaeron shook his head gently, a touch of sorrow returning to his feature. "No. It is not about staying. Or Middle-Earth. Or Arda even." the sorrow remained but as he looked at her his expression filled with wonder. "You leave Haneth and go beyond the circles of the world. We are bound to Arda while it lasts and then... we know not. It is said that Man will join the Ainur in the Second Music. Nothing is said of the Eldar. We must both walk in estel Haneth. Trusting that the One creates with a purpose. Even if we cannot see it."

Haeneth 's voice softened to the same tone as his brow. "I know. I do, and I know you do, too. None of us can know anything. Not me, not you, not the eldest among us. It's just that some would like to pretend they do." She tapped the silver ring on her thumb against her cup in thought. "I am used being talked down to, and I warrant it much of the time. But not for being a Man, not for not belonging to a longer-lived race."

Celebaeron leant forward reaching out a hand to lay over one of her's. "I understand. Know that anyone who thinks in such a manner is a fool. We may be the First Born and you the Second. But if the Eldar join Man again in Arda Unmarred things will be the other way round. We shall be the guests while you are at home. Can you read Sindarin?" he asked then shook his head. "I will translate it if not. You must read the Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth. The conversation between the elf lord Finrod and the woman Andreth sometime. But for now you seem weary and should rest."

Haeneth 's hand jumped, startled by his gently weighing it. She relaxed, and turned it to fold her slim fingers under his. "I will. It is my last night in a bed before I ride out again. The Ranger mentioned a report, and I should leave a sign for Pheadra before she finds an ill-fated one." She looked up at him and smiled. She had always seemed weary, even as a girl, but now, years under her eyes, she was still soft with youth. "Cenaith and Dytha will return from Edoras soon. I imagine they will both be surprised to see you."

Celebaeron merely shrugged at this news. "Perhaps they shall. I doubt they will be as surprised as Thorvall was." he added with a soft laugh. "Where shall you ride out to? I had thought to cross the Isen in the coming days. I know the land and some the language. But if I can be of help else.. We can discuss details later. You need rest. As do I, though of a different sort. Perhaps I shall wander in Fangorn's wood."

Haeneth chuckled. "I miss Fangorn. In the same way I miss thunderstorms or waking up to frost in your shoes." She shrugged. "It was home, once upon a time." She gave his hand a squeeze before she let it go. "I'm glad you're back, even if you didn't go anywhere."

Celebaeron 's expression grew into a broad smile. "It was never home for me. Though I walked and fought beneath its branches when the wood went from here to Bree-land. To walk there is to feel truly young." he gave her hand a firm but gentle squeeze. "Rest. And may Elbereth watch over your road tomorrow."

Haeneth bowed her head. "Good night, Celebarn, and...thank you."

Celebaeron lowered his own head in a deep and graceful bow before turning to the door. Opening it he began to sign softly again, finishing the song he'd begun earlier as he left. "Together we will take the road that leads into the West. And far away will find a land where both our hearts may rest."

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