Entry #3: Hope and Doubt

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

Dearest Diary,

How much I do love thee. So much. So very, very much. Well, not really, but I figure if I'm going to continue calling you “Dear,” I should at least occasionally add a little sweet-talk. Or not.

In truth, I don't have much to say today. Merely a few hopes, concerns, doubts, and fears. Normally I could keep them to myself, but it can't hurt to write them down, document them. Can it?

Dyghus, the Great Strength, Chapter II: Prove Thy Worth

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

It has been two days and well into noon, by now. Despite so, this did not trouble Nenusidh, perhaps it was one of the reasons why he had to set out so quickly, which was the journey will be a while in itself. He has made way into the steep hills of Nan Amlug, the area where the forest breaks into hill and deep valleys.

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