Calanis Ingolmiel of the Fountain

Name Calanis
Animal tender, scholar, amateur dancer and musician. Former military messenger and once adventuring aider of Middle Earth.
Born on the 40th day of Echuir, F.A. 411.
Gone missing from Imladris after a conversation with the visitor Dolendis.
Nossë Ehteléva
Outward Appearance

Awfully slender in body, limbs and facial features, her appearance could be described as twig-like. If a strong wind were to knock her right over, or an overly loving hug would result in her snapping in half, one might not even be that surprised. At a mere 177 cm (5'10") she is quite petite for one of the Eldar, though she still looks many Men straight in the eyes.


There is a very ethereal air about her, not in the least thanks to her hair. Her locks are of an exceptionally radiant light-blonde color. They fall down past her shoulders and are usually flowing freely, on occasion adorned with a circlet or a flower.


Her dark green eyes have a perpetual sadness to them. Only in the most intense moments of joy it will disappear completely.


Hidden from view by her clothes are several scars, most prominently a horrific gash from below her chest all the way down past her left hip. The most recent scar was left after a stabbing injury to the palm of her right hand, though that still seems to be steadily fading.


From her hips dangle a silver flute and a thin bright longsword, both objects are made in the style associated with the House of the Fountain.


She wears several intricate jewelry pieces, usually of silver, gold on occasion. Only one of her jewels she never takes off, a silver ring with a moonstone so bright that its blue flash is visible from every angle and under every amount of light.


Her overall demeanor is one of a damaged and vulnerable individual, but this isn't all there is to her: from somewhere deep within, beyond her physically weak form, radiates something ancient, something powerful and unbreakable.

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Your character might know of Calanis if:


They resided in Gondolin in the later First Age.

They sought refuge at the Mouths of Sirion.

They resided in Lindon at the High King's court during the early Second Age.

They resided in Imladris between its founding and the end of the Second Age.

They were involved in the War of the Last Alliance.

They were a healer of Tham Send at the time of that battle: they might remember her among the many patients brought back from the front, she was comatose and severely wounded.

If they were in Imladris during the Third Age they might have caught sight of a recluse, almost spectral being residing in the Valley, who prefers the company of wild and tame animals over any social interaction.


Calanis Ingolmiel of the House of the Fountain.

(Sindarin: Calanis Angolothiel)

(Once known as "Milyincë" or "Malenkee")


Born in the fifth century of the First Age, Calanis is of both Noldorin and Vanyarin heritage. She spend her childhood in the hidden city of Gondolin. There her parents, two revered loremasters of Aman, had settled after their journey eastwards, and joined Lord Ecthelions House of the Fountain. She lived a happy life there. Her mother and father passed on their knowledge, and she also learned much from Pengoloð the Wise of the Lambengolmor, to whom she was an apprentice.

However, this peaceful existence didn't last long. When the city fell to betrayal she was young, not yet 100 years old. She was a refugee, not a warrior, fleeing in blind panic through smoke, Balrogs' fire and the streams of Elven blood that flowed through the streets.

The survivors guilt and subsequent self-loathing still haunt her, knowing what brutal fate befell the truly brave, those who fought while she ran.

She had never wanted to be, or considered herself able enough to be involved in war. But the perils of her kin pushed her down that path nonetheless. Throughout the early Second Age she was a scholar at the court of Ereinion Gil-galad in days of peace. She remained in close contact with her old teacher, until his departure for Tol Eressëa and hers for the newly-founded haven of Imladris. But in times of war, she came to serve as a runner of the High King's forces, spreading his messages and orders from regiment to regiment. Stronger she grew in hroa and fëaand in this service she remained for the rest of that Age.

But it was at the end of the Second Age, on the Dagorlad plains, that her gained confidence was annihilated in the most disastrous way: An encounter with a foe far beyond her strength, a foolish strike of her sword, incapacitation, disorientation, destruction, leading to near-fatal injury. While the expert healers of Tham Send helped her through her physical recovery, the ordeal opened every mental scar back up. She retracted herself from the outside world and connected with the nature and creatures of Imladris instead, throwing herself into a hermit's existence in an attempt to avoid the pain. It was not much more than a century ago that she started to speak and involve herself with other beings again, and less than a year ago that she had gained enough will to set foot outside the bounds of the Valley.

Due to these accumulated physical and mental wounds she has never been able to reach the full potential that one would expect from an Elf of her age and heritage. 

She has gone by "Malenkee" in recent ages, but the Gondolindrim never knew her by that alias. She had meant to keep the name her mother gave her: Calanis, Lady of Light. An Amilesse Apacenye, name of foresight, a mother's hopeful vision into the nature of her daughters fëa. It is a name she has rarely uttered anymore since her early adulthood, hence it is known by few. Since the destruction of Gondolin she believed the Inner Light that her mother foresaw, to have been extinguished. This makes the name a painful reminder of how broken she is, and of all that was lost after the betrayal of her home. She has considered herself unworthy to be the Lady of Light and instead goes by the rather diminutive epesse Milyincë (an attempt by a Sindarin speaker to say "little weak one" in Quenya) or the even less meaningful mispronunciation of said epesse.


Spoken languages:

Exhilic Quenya, Sindarin (Gondolindrin dialect): native.

Westron, Vanyarin Quenya: fluent.

Nandorin, Ancient Telerin: conversational.

Adûnaic, Khuzdûl: poor.

Rohirric, Haradic, Rhûnic, Avarin languages, Black Speech: minimal.



Miscellaneous information:

Alignment: Neutral Good

Starsigns: Sun in Pisces, Moon in Cancer, Leo rising.

Birthday/Begetting Day: March 12th

(40 Coirë in the Reckoning of Rivendell and 20 Rethe/March on the calenders of the Shire and Bree)

Khannath, Ñilmerissë, Arvaethor, Aduialant, Khalis, Aurandel, Airingil, Linglorel, Frimsi, Rilla, Glaerorn and many animals.
Parents: Haimarto and Laurindis, who perished in the fall of Gondolin. Other ancestors never left Valinor.
All the spawn and servants of Morgoth, of the present and past. In particular the Úlairi, Valaraucar, and the sorcerers of Angmar and Mordor.
All that is innocent, pure, good-natured. Animals in particular. The light of stars. The sound of rushing water to wash dark thoughts away. As a subject of the Fountain she plays the flute well, but she has no confidence in her musical prowess.
The darkness in the world, suffering, destruction of what is dear to her, harm done to the innocent. At certain times also herself.
To actively fight against the evil in the world instead of running from it. Only once that fight is over, she will allow herself the peace of the Uttermost West.
"The first time I lost anything, was the day I lost everything."

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