Khalis Imieran - Captain of Imladris

Name Khalis
Captain of Imladris since its founding SA1697
Never spoken of but it is well known he has ridden alongside the sons of Elrond into battle.
Outward Appearance


A well built elf even among elf kind. His long dark hair is often worn in a braided fashion keeping it in good order and away from his eyes. The visible skin shows no scars or marks, testiment to his skills in combat as one of Elladans Company of riders. Khalis eyes are always watching those around him, taking in every detail.


He will always study a scene before stepping in one of the lessons he learned well from his mentors. Khalis favours the natural colours of the land when travelling, more so because often he is required to pass through the lands of men and thus he seeks not to draw attention to himself. He is usually seen with a longsword at his left hip or strapped across his back when outside the vale of Imladris.


        Khalis Imieran  was not raised with the usual lessons given to the elven children about dance and ettiquette, for he was always sneaking away to spend time tending to the grey horses and listening to the tales of the Warders that gave protection to their lands. The Warders saw the affinity he had with their steeds and he was soon adopted into their routine.

     Once he became of age he became one of the messenger riders taking word to and from the settlements and in time gained a place among one of the many Warbands. After several years he rose in position and respect and was granted a place in the company of one of the Lord Commanders. Here he served for a great many years where his ability to take command and see the completion of many assignments saw him rise to one of the wing commanders in his company as one his Lords Ltnts.

     In his latter years as part of this Company he was often seen in the company of a scholarly maiden. This elf maiden went by the name of Elisbeth Starfire and has been by his side ever since. Some rumours suggest she was sent by the Council to watch over Khalis, some say she was sent to assist with ongoing investigations, with things which were of increasing concern to Lord Elronds Council. But no matter which is true it was soon apparent that her wisdom seemed to temper Khalis' natural trait of being right in the thick of things and that together they form the perfect partnership in these darkening times.

     In time Khalis was offered his own commission and was told to raise a warband in honour of the old alliance of elves and men. This would be the only warband to comprise of Elves and Men to dwell and serve in Imladris. Once more his companion Elisbeth was seen riding alongside him, but now another was to be seen, the form of Tagos a young hunter of great skill even among those who dwell in Imladris.

     Together the three elves formed the Warband of Imladris, its remit to act on orders from Lord Elrond and to see to any other task which could jepardise the safety and security of Imladris. The Warband has proven in its uniqueness of warriors and style that it is a useful tool for the Council of Imladris and Lord Elrond for they have the ability to travel swiftly to any matter which requires swift action or investigation. Many are the reports that now are housed in The Homely House bearing the seal of the Warband.



With the standing down of the Warband of Imladris, Khalis Imieran is freed from his oath or so he thought. He was last seen speaking with Lord Elrond in his chambers clad in the black and blue regalia of the Warband in the company of his closest friends.

He can often be found among the maethor of Imladris for he is more at home in the barracks than socialising in the Hall of Fire. His grace in battle is renowned through out Imladris having only been bested once in the battle circle where the maethor of Imladris test themselves versus one another. He will gladly teach the patterns of the dance and the svelgese to any who show aptitude and who are willing to learn.


Elisbeth, Tagos, Azgarzir Virthalion, Irulian and many across Arda gained from travelling for over two ages.
He has never been known to speak of any relatives, or much of his life before his time in Imladris
Any who threaten the security of Imladris
Imladris and a firm belief in the Alliance of Elves and Men
He would only say that 'Hate' is a strong word and should not be use lightly.
To not let the race of men stand alone against the coming storm
Stand together or fall solitary into shadow.

Khalis's Adventures

Khalis's Adventures

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Khalis's Gallery