Aduialant Rhawloth Calenglaeriel

Name Aduialant
Scout of Mirkwood
Born in the year 322 of the First Age, on the 54th day of Iavas
Beneath the trees of Mirkwood

Nimrond a Gelebaladh

Outward Appearance

Aduialant (S: Fall of Twilight/ Twilit Glade) stands at 6 feet two inches, her limbs long and lithe. Her hair is gleaming ebony, and her eyes are a haunting, almost glowing, silver grey. She has a bright, musical voice, though she often speaks in low, hushed tones unless completely at ease. She often wears muted greens and browns, to better conceal herself in the shadows of her forest home. 

Aduialant is a highly regarded scout of the Woodland realm, and often goes on far-ranging missions for the Elvenking. She is one of the few who dare to travel far to the south of the wood. Something of a recluse, she is not often at ease in large gatherings; because of this she can often appear haughty or aloof. She would rather sit silently and observe rather than speak needlessly. 

On her hips she carries her twin blades, Eregeleb (Silver Thorn) and Sigilagar (Blood Knife) which were made for her by an elven smith in Sirion. On her back she carries Hadorel (Star-Thrower) a short bow gifted to her by King Oropher of Eryn Galen. She trusts her weapons more than she trusts most people, and cherishes the memories they carry. 




<p>Aduialant was born in the forest of Neldoreth in Doriath, where she dwelt until the kingdom was brought to ruin. After staying a while with other refugees in the havens of Sirion she followed Oropher to Eryn Galen, and has been a loyal servant of the folk of that realm ever since. She is fiercely loyal, protective, and passionate, though she finds it difficult to open up to and trust strangers. She is skilled at tracking and traveling in the dark as well as climbing, and is trained in several weapons. She is also an accomplished musician and poet, though sharing her work makes her nervous. She speaks both the Sindarin and Silvan tongues as well as Westron, but as she does not often treat with men, her Westron is at times lacking. Though she has seen much, and is world weary, she has retained a wit and playfulness that can be infectious. Once she has grown to respect and love someone, that bond is difficult to break. How you may know her: ~ If you are an elf of Mirkwood, particularly a warrior or scout (though this is not a guarantee, for she is quite reclusive) ~ If you are originally from Doriath ~ If you were a refugee at Sirion</p>

Arvaethor Haldithirion, Linglorel, Eordis

Her father, Calenglaer, was a minstrel in the court of Thingol. Her mother, Idhorgalad, was a skilled healer. The two of them perished in Beleriand long ago


At one point Aduialant held much hatred in her heart for dwarves. Though this hatred has since dulled, she is still wary of them. As any other elf, she shows no mercy to servants of the dark lord.


Being out in nature, good food and music, poetry, the nighttime, order, respect


Tightly confined spaces, caves, being stared at, disrespect


Aduialant traveled to the shores of Belegaer wishing to cross it, but found that it would not call to her when she arrived. She wishes to solve this riddle for herself, so that she might finally be free.


Aduialant's Adventures

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Aduialant's Adventures

Aduialant's Gallery

Aduialant's Gallery