Kristophor Dulock

Name Kristophor
Silver Swan knight of Dol Amroth (Former), mercenary
Early thirties
Dol Amroth (banished), Bree
Outward Appearance

He would be a tall man, about 6’3. His hair goes down to his shoulders with hair dropping on his forehead, it has a dark brown color. His lower face would be covered by a mask so his age would be hard to tell but one from looking his rugged appearance over would suggest he is an older man. He is however, in his late twenties going into his thirties. His body would be covered with scars, the visible ones would be on his face. Scars on random places such as his forehead, nose, cheeks and the most noticeable would be a long scar on his right eye. This would be because his eye was an icy white color, his left eye would be a hazel. He stands up straight and would seem to always have a scowl. His emotion would be hard to tell. His gaze is ever moving and his wears rugged leather garbs with a backpack and a longsword strapped to it. Other knives would be seen on his person in various places.                                                                        


Kristophor Dulock was once a boy who dreamed of adventure and being a hero. He was born to a higher classed family in the city of Dol Amroth. There his dream to be a knight and hero started. He had an older brother named Caliko Dulock who would mastermind plans of pranks and fun around the city with their childhood friends. As the years went on, Caliko had become restless and needed to see the world so he left. This left Kristophor envious and alone somewhat. Having to be focused on my his parents, finally he decided to leave after finding clues of Caliko’s where abouts. He snuck away and began his trek. He had money and paid for a horse, his path was long but easy enough until a storm came and wargs attacked his horse. He received a scratch on his ribs. His first scar. He ran to hide but soon they closed in until arrows took them out. A group of men approached him, in dark clothes and hoods. He awoke in a camp of these adventuring men. One in particular tended to him. Aeruthuil was his name. He was mysterious, the men did not talk much or who they were, just that they were adventurers like Kris wanted to be. Aeruthuil offered to train Kris while he was recovering for exchange that Kris not speak of these men, he was blind folded everytime he entered and left the tiny camp. He trained hard and the lessons were grueling. Kris was lousy with a bow but when he picked up a sword, he was quite a natural. Soon he trained up and was told he was to leave. He made his way toward Bree where he had finally found Caliko accompanied by a group called the companions. After a warm welcome between the reunited brothers, Kris joined and their adventures began. However the time for them to disband had come, Kris returned home to become a knight and fight and Caliko had left north to look into something. They swore to reunite. After some years of fighting all over Gondor, Kris had become well known in the ranks until the day a rider in black along with orcs chased a group of farmers toward the gates of the city. The order was to close the gate but Kris would not, he wished to see the farmers saved. He slayed two other knights and as the farmers ran in, he began to battle the enemies. The rider in black was different from the orcs, it swung it’s blade into Kris’s eye. This made Kris fall but he was able to knock over a torch and repel the rider. Kris was jailed and sentenced to hang. However as he hung the commoners rioted over equality and so they released Kris and banished him. He made his way toward Angmar where he had word his brother was fighting the forces. He soon learned that was not the case and he worked with them. He knew that was not the Caliko he knew so he decided to try to earn Caliko’s freedom. The dark entity took him up on this and Kris would raid villages and caravans to take the goods back to Angmar. After he had served his time, he requested the release of his brother’s oath. His brother refused. He was taken to the cells where he was tortured and starved. His brother then soon released him and took him outside the gates, telling him to leave and not return. So Kris left, he pulled up a worn piece of cloth and slowly road on an old horse away from the vile kingdom. He made his way to Bree where he returned a very different man than the boy who first set foot in the town.

Brother Caliko (Deceased), Niece Mia (Decseased), Adopted daughter Emanda
Those who threaten Bree or others.
He seems to really only care about the protection of Bree and his adopted daughter Emanda
Arrogance, Racsim, corruption, pity, annoyance
Hope for a peaceful world.
*shrug*, “Sometimes the world doesn’t need another needs another monster.”

Kristophor's Adventures

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Kristophor's Adventures

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Kristophor's Gallery