Name Aeruthuil
He would appear to be no older than thirty-five years.
He is a wanderer, he has no place he calls home.
Outward Appearance

Appearance: Aeruthuil, standing at around 6'1 feet tall, is usually clad in old, dirty grey clothing so that he was not restricting his own movement. He does not care much for fashion or at least appearing presentable. His jacket and cloak often found to have twigs and holes in them, it was clear he had been wearing the same pieces of old clothing for many years and only mended it here and there to keep it from all falling apart. When one takes a look at him he would seem to be in his early thirties, his eyes a dark grey and his voice naturally soft.  He is a tall man, though not the tallest of his kind and slight stubble would be easily visible even from the shadow of the hood he'd usually wear.


His hair falls to his shoulders, usually messy. Regardless of his many fights, trainings and wandering he was not a man to have many notable muscles, though he was not unfit in the least. 

His hands are usually covered by his finger-less gloves, his sleeves usually covered by his bracers, though on his fingers there are four rings clearly visible.


Weapons: He has a small knife stuffed in his right boot, which he usually uses to eat with when needed. A dagger in his left boot, one on his hip along with a sword he had found a very long time ago when he was only a small child. He had two additional throwing daggers inside of his jacket, which he rarely uses since he's too lazy to actually pick them back up after they have been used.
Once he carried his own bow, though he barely used it, preferring his sword of his bow. After a rage he broke it in half, now he carries the bow that once belonged to his deceased best friend and company's archer; Calardor, out of respect and loyalty to his fallen friend, though is still rarely seen using it in combat.


Animal Companion: Edlenn, a Golden Eagle. She is rarely seen and usually only called for if a message would need to be send out.

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Elias W. Dimheim would be the closest friend he has. Calardor, had he still been alive.
Daughter: Duvaindis (Deceased) Son: Aethardor (missing)
All those who endanger the Free Peoples and the Dúnedain.
The stars; He is particularly fond of them and watching them come and go. That one person.
He no specific motivation, it changes day-to-day.

Aeruthuil's Adventures

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Aeruthuil's Adventures

Aeruthuil's Gallery

Aeruthuil's Gallery