My promise

For a while, Bree was quiet and peaceful. After a long time of this, I thought the time had finally arrived where I would step back from my life of fighting. I adopted Amanda and I bought a small farm. I could find some rest there, doing some honest work and show Amanda that even with a complicated past that one could still find peace. Then the news reached me of the abduction of Clay, a young mute man. The crimes had begun again and I knew I must help. If I didn't, how could I see Bree safe for Amanda? Unfortunately, the criminals have gone dormant and no word has been reached about Clay despite our efforts. Now I received word recently about a new group of criminals who harmed two's frustrating. Amanda may not understand but I must fight. I made a promise to Caliko I'd keep Bree safe and I made a promise to myself I would do it for Amanda. I still can lift a sword and I can still do something so I cannot stand idly by. I intend to reach out to some contacts in hopes to gain information on these new criminals and perhaps they will be linked to the ones who took Clay. Only time will tell, Bree had a taste of peace. I now look to others , even though I haven't in the past. I cannot fight all Bree's battles, at some point the people will need to rise and help themselves. I am trying to involve the watch more, in efforts that they will become more active and accepted by the people. This is their home, in the past I would of gladly laid my life down at any moment but I have something to live for. Amanda needs me, so I must be more careful then I have ever been to ensure she doesn't loose another parent.