My light

I woke up in a bed today. Well, I’ve been sleeping in one for sometime now. It’s strange really. I never really thought I’d be in this situation. In a home, on a farm with a daughter. I get out of bed and prepare to work, usually dog follows me. He has found home sleeping by the fireplace which is fine, it puts him in front of the door in case someone tries to break in. I still keep my sword by my bed side and different weapons hidden about through out the home. Amanda has yet to find them which pleases me. I still wish to be cautious, despite the peace I’ve been living in. I still carry my sword when I’m at work on the farm. The only time I really go to Bree now is if I need to send a letter. My parents reached out to me some time ago. I figured I’d communicate back, not for my sake. I care not for them but to perhaps expand Amanda’s new family. She has mentioned that I should find a wife, I have no motivation to do so. Women do not scare me but I fear ever bringing someone on the outside into my life with Amanda. Amanda is the light in my darkness and the reason I’m in a life of peace now. I never could of done it for myself but for her, I’d move mountains. She is still stubborn and short answered but I do not mind it. I’m not one to really enjoy conversation either. Thorbeck visited the other day, asked me if I heard anything of an abduction. The dwarf comes and goes on occasion, very loud and generally I find him wrestling with dog in the yard. I’ve yet to determine if they are playing or fighting. I informed him I have retired from that sort of work, I’ve no need to fight these battles in Bree. I have done my time, I have Amanda to worry about now. When he left the last time, I told him that I will only go if I’m really needed and that would have to coincide with the possibility of Amanda being in danger. I would like to visit Bree in some time, perhaps see the next generation of protectors that will watch over its people. Until this time comes, I’m content with farming and living a quiet life.