Brynleigh, daughter of Éohard

Name Brynleigh
Somewhere in her twenties
7 Colt Rd, Bancross, Kingstead Meadows
Outward Appearance

Build:  A lifetime of horsemanship has given her a very strong constitution, lean sinew encased in a voluptuous figure of youthful womanhood.


Eye Colour:  Midnight blue, not unlike the color of sapphires.


Hair length/Colour: Her waist-length hair is very pale gold, an almost ashen color, softly waved, and will be either braided or harnessed into a ponytail when working or traveling.


Appearance: Her stature is humble at 5 feet, 4 inches (162 cm). She carries an expression that is unassuming, observant, and utterly guileless. Her clothing is typically plain and utilitarian; work tunics, simple dresses, or light leather armor when training and traveling. Her favored colors are blue and green.


Demeanor:  A quiet and gentle creature, unless stirred to passion. With a firm belief in selflessness and the greater good, she often puts the welfare of others before her own, sometimes to the point of being detrimental to her own peace of mind or physical safety. It is rare to see any outburst of emotion in public, but in the private company of a friend, a vast depth of feeling may be glimpsed. She is reserved and inward, and selects friends with rarity. She hates no one (save the servants of darkness), and the ardency of the affection she offers to friends or to a lover is boundless. 


Weapons: A small, simple dagger sits at her right hip constantly, as a means of protection. When traveling, she carries a light, short sword of Rohirric make. 



“I am not an angel," I asserted; "and I will not be one till I die: I will be myself.”

~ Charlotte Brontë 


Baldmar of Beorn's house, Cesistya the elf, the dwarf Belodin, fellow Rohirrim Gamferth, Saexwyrd, Beorggar, Leoffrith, and Waelden.
Her parents Éohard and Cwenhild reside in Rohan, though they are somewhat estranged. She loves her friends as if they were family.
Her horse Jack, her homeland, children, music, quiet moments of reflection, helping those in need, a good cup of mead. Her late husband, forever.
Cruelty, violence, immorality, death.
To remain honorable, kind, and courageous, amid the growing darkness and corruption threatening Middle-earth.

Brynleigh's Adventures

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Brynleigh's Adventures

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Brynleigh's Gallery