Uilossiel Limmairë

Name Uilossiel
Musician, Healer, and travelling Scholar
Imladris and Lothlorien
Outward Appearance

Uilossiel has the fair skin and the deep-set grey eyes of the Noldor, inherited from her father. Her shoulder-length black hair is kept loose around the shoulders, with braids over the ears tied back with a silver clasp. Her fingers are often smudged with ink from her studies, and also bear the marks of a dedicated harpist. Uilossiel favors plain robes when studying or travelling, usually in shades of brown and blue. Never one to fuss over her appearance, she prefers robes and plain dresses in the deep blue and violet favored by the Noldor. A simple uncut amethyst pendant on a silver chain, given to her by her father, hangs around her neck at all times.


On her travels, Uilossiel carries a small wooden harp, as well as a small sword for self-defense. Her features are often cloaked in a midnight-blue cape wrought by her kinswomen of the Golden Wood. She rides a blood-bay horse named Agarel (from the Sindarin agar 'blood' and el 'star'). 


Uilossiel  was born in the 170th year of the Third Age to Golmîr, scholar of Imladris, and Tinuilos, lady-in-waiting to Lady Celebrían. She has an older brother, Tancamir, and a younger sister, Tinwen.

The second of three siblings, Uilossiel played the harp since childhood and loved studying the books of ancient lore found in her homeland. Her father Nolomir's tales of the heroism of the Noldor in the First Age stirred a deep wonder and thirst for knowledge in her. While still a child, she ransacked the libraries of Imladris for any tales of Ages past, much to the chagrin of her tutors who would see her trained like a proper lady of the court.  But with her father's approval, she began her studies in the libraries of Imladris in her fifth decade. Through a grievous turn of events, her headstrong older brother Tancamir left the valley and was lost, forcing her to assume the responsibility of the eldest when she had barely passed her majority. For many centuries she worked alongside her father in the archives in Imladris, immersing herself in her studies even as the shadow of grief lingered over her heart. But as the threat of Angmar began to rise in the North, Uilossiel travelled to  Lórien with her mother and younger sister Tinwen in year 1300 of the Third Age. 

Once the danger in Angmar was past, she was reunited once more with her father in Imladris, where she continued her studies in the library of Lord Elrond. There she was promoted to Assistant Scholar, charged with aiding Lord Erestor with the management of the historical documents within the collection.

In the year 3000 of the Third Age, Lord Erestor gave her and the other scholars of her class an assignment in Lindon, where they were to search for and copy any documents of the the earlier Ages which were missing from the libraries in Imladris. With permission from Lord Círdan, these copies were to be added to the archives of Imladris, over which Lrod Erestor presided. Uilossiel departed Imladris with a light heart, eager for the chance to see new lands and learn more of the earlier Ages. She stayed for a time in Mithlond, later taking up residence in Falathlorn where she conducted her studies and spoke with those there who remembered Beleriand in the days of old. It was there that she continued her search for the entire text of the Noldolantë​, the lament on the fall of the Noldor written by Maglor, greatest of Noldorin bards. The tales of the Fëanorians had always held a tantalizing fascination for her, and she loved nothing more than to lose herself in their tales of valour and woe.

Nearly two decades later, Uilossiel returned to the Valley with a sheaf of notes and several volumes of work completed. She was glad to be home again, and made the acquaintance of several members of Bar-en-Vanimar. After a sojourn in Imladris, when her brother Tancamir returned to her, and she formed ties with many new friends, she has decided to resign her post as Assistant Scholar in Imladris, and is travelling eastward to Lórien, the land of her mother's kin. There she hopes to find answers and a new purpose in aiding her kinsmen in their efforts against the darkness spreading westwards from Dol Guldur.


Though possessed of a sharp wit and keen mind, her nature was tinged with the naïvety of youth. For she knew only of deeds of war and valour through reading the great lays of the past Ages, and looked on the past with eyes that had never seen the horrors of battle. Quick to speak when a topic piqued her interest, she was often reprimanded by her parents and tutors not to let her tongue carry her away. Her friendships were few and forged through deep understanding and common interest, so she preferred a small circle of friends to a wide array of acquaintances. She was idealistic but unshakeably loyal to her convictions, her family, and her few friends.


Uilossiel (from Sindarin, uilos 'everwhite flower'  and  -iel  'daughter'), a Sindarin first-name given by her mother.

Limmairë (from Quenya, lin 'musical sound' and mairë 'work of high and beautiful art'), a name only known to her close friends and family. Her father gave her this name because he saw she would continue his work in lore and song, and regards her as the greatest masterpiece of his life as a scholar.

Father: Nolomir. Brother: Tancamir. Father's cousin: Makanare
Music, Lore, Tales of the First Age, her rabbit Miril
All servants of the Enemy, ignorance, revisionist historians, badly played music, out of tune instruments
To keep the memory of the Eldar alive in Middle-Earth, even when many of her people are leaving its shores
"The past lives anew in the pages of history."

Uilossiel's Adventures

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Uilossiel's Adventures

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Uilossiel's Gallery