Name Lilleduil
Loremaster and protector of the Wild
Outward Appearance

Lilleduil is short for an elf, and very slender.  Night black hair, winged brows, pale skin and grey eyes speak of her Noldor origin.  Much of her clothing is in dark, rich colors, though she has been known to wear brighter things upon occasion. 


Lilleduil was born in the year 2460 of the Third Age.  Her father Celeirgil was in Lady Celebrian's escort and was slain defending her in Redhorn Pass.  Her mother Ethillind, stricken with grief, went over the Sea with Celebrian to join him.  She wished Lilleduil to come with her (Lilleduil being but forty years old at the time), but Lilleduil wished to remain.  There was much she wanted to see on this side of the Sea before departing.  Lord Elrond took her into his house as a ward, saying that going West was not a decision one could force on someone, even if that person was little more than a child. 

She worked in Lord Elrond's household primarily in the stables, though she spent some time in the library.  The scholars of his house oversaw her education-when they could bring her in from the outdoors.  Eventually, a desire to leave the valley and see the world as she had originally intended came over her.  Her father had been a friend of Elrohir's and he had kept an eye on her over the years.  He helped arrange for her to go to Ered Luin with some dwarven traders, giving her a couple of horses to make the trip with.  Lilleduil has wandered over much of Eriador since then.  She has only recently been able to return to Imladris.

She is not comfortable around large groups of people, preferring the company of her wild friends.  Her mother had been one of Lady Celebrian's sewing ladies, and making Lilleduil actually sit and learn to sew had been a near impossible task, and the source of much friction between them.  But she actually did absorb some of that training, and is a Guildmaster Tailor, more or less in deference to her mother's wishes.

Lilleduil is persistent and stubborn.  She will stand her ground when confronted, despite her unease in social situations.  She enjoys dancing very much, and appreciates fine clothing more than she would like to admit, though she has no problem with getting messy and dirty.  She prefers not to eat meat, though she will if it is necessary, but she will not kill animals.  Her preferred drink is Dorwinion Red, though she is very fond of mulled cider in the winter as well.

There are many creatures of the wild she can count on for assistance, but some of the ones she is closest to are Lintroval, an eagle who is one of her oldest friends; Maur, a large black bear; Norngaladh, a bog-guardian she rescued as an infant; and Tinnugost, a dusky saber cat she met in Angmar, who followed her home to Imladris.


Adanmiel, Nelnardis, Curundar, Faorie, Thendryt
The Wild and the creatures that live within it.
Sauron and all his works, as well as those who would foul and corrupt the Wild and its creatures.
To fight the Enemy and to protect the Wild.
"I really want to slap you some more..."

Lilleduil's Adventures

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Lilleduil's Adventures

Lilleduil's Gallery

Lilleduil's Gallery