Tancamir Tyelcórё "Cúrandir"

Name Tancamir
Wandering throughout Eriador
Outward Appearance

Proud of bearing and tall of stature, Tancamir has at once the martial manner of the Noldor and the lithe wood-wisdom of the Sindar. His eyes are a light grey-blue, betraying his Sinda heritage, but in them shines the fell spirit of the Noldor. Sandy hair frames his well-chiseled features, which are usually shadowed by the hood of a great grey travelling-cloak. He favors the garb of a hunter, in somber shades of dun and grey.


His great bow Cúringil is always at his side, and he carries the twin knives Aeglas and Limlas, which he and his comrade Falasgil forged in Lindon. Aeglas was of his own making, but Limlas he recovered from the broken corpse of Falasgil upon the fields of Angmar, a reminder of his oath to pursue the Shadow until it or he departs Middle-Earth for ever.


Blunt of manner and speech, he prefers to watch from the shadows rather than engage others in conversation. His friendships are few, but he shows unbounded loyalty to those he trusts. In these days he gives his name to few, preferring to be known only as Cúrandir. Ever and anon he thinks on his family in Imladris, but then the faces of those he has lost to the Shadow rise before him. And then he turns east and north, cursing the growing darkness -  ever vigilant, ever watchful.


Cúringil (from Sindarin cú​ "bow" , ring "cold", and gil "star")

Aeglas (from Sindarin aeg "sharp"  and las "leaf")

Limlas (from Sindarin lim "swift" and las "leaf")


Born in the 140th year of the Third Age, Tancamir was the cherished firstborn of the Noldo scholar Nolomir and his Sinda wife Tinuilos. As a child, he showed great aptitude for the study of languages and a thirst for the tales of the First Age, so his father rejoiced at having a son who would continue the family tradition of scholarship. Yet Tancamir was also skilled with the bow and wood-wise in the manner of the Sindar. There was great friendship between Tancamir and the sons of Elrond, and they would often go out hunting in the woods around Imladris, along with the youths of their age. And always Tancamir rode in the forefront of the chase, and his arrow was among the first to find its target. After he came of age, Nolomir wished for him to begin an apprenticeship in the Library. Proud and headstrong even in his youth, Tancamir opposed his father’s wishes and desired instead to become a great huntsman and warrior, even like Lord Celegorm of old. Though he could not join the Guard without his father’s approval, he began to neglect his studies in favor of spending time hunting or practicing archery.

In T.A. 948, Tancamir left Imladris alone under the cover of night, riding west upon his chestnut stallion Amloth. Passing over the crest of a hill, he came upon two trolls and slew one before being gravely wounded and rendered unconscious. He was rescued by a band of three woodsmen from Arnor who were patrolling the west Trollshaws. As one of the men attempted to bandage his wounds, Tancamir was awakened by a sharp pain in his arm. Half delirious and believing the man to be an enemy, Tancamir drew his blade and killed him before coming to his senses. On realizing what he had done, he fled to an old hunting-lodge on the western edge of the Trollshaws.  Tancamir continued west until he came to Lindon, where he took the name Cúrandir - the Wandering Bow. There met the young archer Falasgil, one of the Falathrim of Mithlond. Together they offered their bows to the defence of Mithlond, and the years of their friendship were long and joyous, unbroken save by death.

The peaceful years in Lindon were not to last, as the Enemy gathered strength in Angmar and the lands of Arnor were overrun. In year 1975 of the Third Age, Cúrandir  marched with the hosts of Círdan northwards into Angmar. Great was the victory of the Eldar and the Dúnedain against the Witch-King, but at the price of many grievously slain. Falasgil fell in battle at Cúrandir’s side, pierced by a black arrow of the Angmarim. Even as the forces of Angmar fled in retreat, Tancamir swore upon the memory of his slain friend that he would not put down his bow and sword until the Shadow was driven from Middle-Earth, or he drew his last breath.

Long he served in the forces of Mithlond, and his face lost its youthful ardor, instead assuming the grim visage of one who has seen battle and death, fire and ruin. He pursued the yrch daring to come close to the borders of Lindon with bow and sword, and a dreadful fury as only those born of the Noldor know. Later he left the service of Círdan and journeyed eastward, hearing reports of foul creatures swarming the passes of the Misty Mountains. His only companions his bow, Cúringil, and his twin knives, forged by Falasgil in happier days, he wandered the land, joining any band of Eldar or Dúnedain bent on striking against the forces of the Enemy.

In the year 2990, Cúrandir was hunting in the woods around Esteldίn, when he was ambushed in the forest by a young Ranger, Ruinel. Though only a girl of fifteen winters, she impressed him with her skills of woodcraft and he reluctantly agreed to tutor her in archery, if she would not mention how she bested an elf in tracking. Thus he joined himself to the Dúnedain in Esteldίn​ for a time as a scout and tracker. Cúrandir and Ruinel hunted side by side, the one watching the other’s back, even as he and Falasgil had done in the woods of Lindon. Years passed and Ruinel grew into a headstrong and beautiful young maiden. Cúrandir looked upon her beauty, yet loved her for her fiery spirit. But he kept silent, for her heart was turned to a young captain of her people, named Thaladan. The night they were wed, he slipped away from Esteldίn​ amid the feasting and song of the Dúnedain.

Five years later, in TA 3015, Cúrandir came again to Esteldίn​ only to hear that a company of sixteen Rangers, including Ruinel and Thaladan, had departed for Angmar three years ago and never returned. Vowing to discover their fate, he travelled alone into Angmar and gained the confidence of the hillmen in Aughaire. They guided him to an encampment of Angmarim where he discovered the moulding remains of the company of Rangers, their heads impaled on sixteen pikes displayed before the gates of the city. In great grief he sent a message south to Esteldίn​, but determined to stay in Angmar upon hearing of a hidden encampment of Rangers in the North. After a year fraught with peril, Cúrandir came to the hidden fastness of the Rangers in Gath Forthnί​r and remained there, keeping watch upon the lands with the Dúnedain. At this time he heard of the imprisonment of Belethoriel and the dissolution of the Northern Company.    


Tancamir (from Quenya tanca "firm, fixed, sure" and mir "jewel") 

Tyelcórё (from Quenya tyelca "swift, hasty" and órё​ "heart, inner mind")

Cúrandir (from Sindarin cú​ "bow" and randir "wanderer")


Father: Nolomir. Sister: Uilossiel
All servants of the Enemy, especially yrch (orcs) and Angmarim
To pursue the servants of the Enemy until his dying breath
"It may be that the time of the Eldar is waning, but say not that the valour of the Eldar has faded!"

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Tancamir's Adventures

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