Journal - Arrival in Eregion

Valanya, the 18th day of Coirë


I can scarcely believe it, but after a full day of travelling, we are now encamped in Gwingris, at the very northern approach to Eregion. I had quite forgotten how breathtakingly lovely the river gorge is at this time of year, as well as the stark beauty of the cliff faces upon the border with Eregion. As we descended the path into Eregion, the colour of the land shifted subtly, from umber slopes dotted with evergreens and ferns to a dun-colored land of grasses and low shrubs, densely populated with stands of holly. It is a land trapped within time, where the very stones lament the bygone ages when my kin once raised cities and towers in prosperity.

Eliriael graciously brought out some provisions and made soup for the party, when we stopped to rest for the night. Celebhlair, a hunter we had met when we stopped in Echad Candelleth, provided some trout from some traps she had set in the river nearby. It was not yet completely dark, and I took some time to begin work on a set of sketches my father had requested of me. As he and I had discussed some time before, he wanted some true-to-life sketches and plans drawn of the ruins in Eregion, with special note as to the architectural features still remaining. They are to be used in one of his upcoming treatises on architecture in Eregion as it once was. I am no artist, but as one practiced in drawing maps with some degree of accuracy, simple schematics of arches and pillars are not too difficult.

The camp is quiet now, with many resting by the fire, and others taking their rest away from the camp. As I write this, I am sitting with my back propped against the trunk of a holly tree growing among the ruins. The night is somewhat chill, but I am close enough to the fire that it does not bother me overmuch. I can see Annúngil and Makanárë in conversation across the way, and a younger elleth - their apprentice, perhaps? - sitting nearby. Hir Vorongwë looks to be deep in thought, while Maltariel is engaged in conversation with another ellon who I do not recognize. There are others - but I have not had enough time to make their acquaintance that well. I have not travelled with such a numerous party for some time now, though I must say it is more agreeable than travelling alone. That so many different persons, each with their own diverse talents and reasons for travelling to Lórien, should unite in travelling towards a common destination, is a welcome thought.

Míril has been excellently behaved as usual, not acting indisposed in the least after riding in a basket at my side for the greater part of the day. I let her out as soon as we reached Gwingris, and she ran about gaily upon the grass beside our camp, occasionally breaking into little convulsive hops which I have found are her way of showing happiness. The grass here is excellent for her, though I have also stowed away a small bundle of dried grasses from Imladris and root vegetables for when we cross the mountains and there is nothing for her to forage. At present, since the sun has set and the camp is dark, she is lying across the toes of my boots, ears flickering lazily back and forth. I will put her into her basket before I retire for the night, as I would not want her to wander off, though I am sure Eregion is not the most inhospitable place for rabbits.

On the morrow, we continue south, towards the pass of Caradhras. I must remember to unpack my fur mantle and gloves ere we reach the mountains. And, of course, to add another layer of woolen fabric to the lining of Míril's basket. For now, I should take my rest, as there is another long day of travelling ahead.