Journal - Preparations

Elenya, the 13th day of Coirë

All has been settled for now, and I have found a company with which to depart for Lórien. Eliriael will be there, and glad I am to travel beside such a dear friend. Some of the warriors I have known, including Annúngil and Vorongwë, will serve as our vanguard, and there are several others whose names are unfamiliar to me.  We depart in five days, and I believe all is ready, on my part. Though the snow is melting in the moors surrounding Imladris, I know not if the passes will be at all easy to cross at this time of year. Still, couriers and scouts occasionally pass through even during the winter, and I have resolved to leave earlier rather than later. I have never been particularly susceptible to cold, and the memory of the crossings I made of the Hithaeglir with my mother and sister does not cause me much concern. I have made sure to pack lightly, for we will be travelling on borrowed steeds until we reach Eregion, where they will be left in the care of the stable-master at one of the encampments.

My nephew Lachmir has been very helpful in fashioning a small basket for Míril, lined with warm woolen cloth, where she may stay while we travel. Instead of handles, there are places to secure a fabric sling, so that I may carry the basket slung at my side as some mothers of the Secondborn are known to carry their infants. Míril seems to have taken to the basket quite well - I took several walks with her sitting in it, and even ventured a few rides on horseback with her basket slung at my side. She is a hardy traveller, for a rabbit - no doubt due to her upbringing in a camp of Dúnedain. Her grey and white fur is thick and heavy, for her winter coat has come in and she will not suffer any cold when we pass through the mountains.

Naneth and I have finally completed work on my thick travelling-robe of dark blue and grey wool, embroidered with subtle designs of stars and twining vines. I helped mostly in the cutting and sewing of straight seams,  though she finished the details and embroidery. A leather satchel, large enough to fit provisions and other necessities, but small enough not to be cumbersome, sits at the shelf by my bed. My only regret is that I cannot bring my books over the mountains with me - though Ada assures me that he will find a way to manage it when he and my mother move the household from Imladris to Lórien. All is in order- yet I have found that the material preparations are not the difficult ones.

Young Aurineth came to me several weeks ago, informing me of her decision to return to Mithlond. Apparently her family has found her a position as courier in Lindon, which is indeed what she desires most. I do hope our studies of etiquette and history together will aid her in the future. She and several companions, including my brother Tancamir, then set out for Eregion to find one of her doves which was lost, and have only recently returned. Fortunately, their mission was a success, and Aurineth is preparing to leave for Mithlond with all of her feathered companions in tow. This leave-taking was a joyful, albeit bittersweet one, for though I am gladdened to see my student move on in life, I will miss her enthusiasm. I have promised to write to her, in Mithlond, though I know letters will travel slowly from the Golden Wood to Lindon.

On the subject of Lindon - Ningloriel and her family still reside there, and I have been keeping in touch with them through correspondence. She knows of my desire to travel east to the Golden Wood, and we have agreed to continue writing letters, though the time between each one might be longer. Her daughter Súlivrin is a young, lively child of two winters now, and has apparently taken up practice with a little toy bow my brother carved for her, and sent to Lindon before Yule in the hands of a courier. Sail-weaving has consumed much of Ningloriel's time recently, as the storms of winter call for more repairs on sails and new ones to be made. Her husband Súlrohir is often away at sea, but returns when he can. I am glad that Ningloriel and her family are well, and though I travel far they will always be within my heart.

Now for my brother Tancamir - he has grown restless again, as Dolthafaer has resigned his position as Lord of the Order of the Arrow. Tancamir has also ended his association with the remainder of that house, for he feels the stirrings of the wandering spirit within him, and wishes to travel again. I do not blame him, for in all the years I have known him, my older brother has always been a lover of the Wilds at heart. The many, many days since he returned to me out of the darkness of the North have been some of the happiest of my life, but I know that I should let him go this time, without holding him back. I saw how much improved in mood he was, after returning on a hunt with Annúngil, and again after returning from Eregion with Aurineth and her companions. He is not one who should live his life contentedly behind four walls in the safety of Imladris. Ever he will have my love, and now I know better than to fret over him - my brother who has ranged the lands of Eriador and beyond for the better part of this Age. Perhaps he is lucky, as he jests, but I do believe Oromë himself watches over the paths of  wanderers like my brother. Tancamir plans to speak with Dolthafaer, and then perhaps journey west and north to find his brethren-in-arms, the Dúnedain. And I have left him some letters and gifts for Ningloriel and her family in Lindon, for he has said he will eventually pass that way. I only fret that perhaps he is leaving behind some young heart in Imladris who will not understand his motivations as I do. I must caution him against such philandering, before he leaves.

I have left my books, and my writing-desk, to Limthir for now. He is such a sweet, earnest young one, not quite to his majority, and very studious as well. My father took him on as an apprentice scholar and an aide in his office half a year ago, for the boy is an orphan who arrived in Imladris with nowhere to go but the library. He lives with us now, after appearing suddenly one day on the doorstep of the library, and announcing that he had found his home there, to the consternation of several of the scholars. Though it is rather true that Limthir practically lives in the library, when he is not sorting papers and books for my father. He has no kin in Imladris, though my father suspects that he is  of the Greenwood. Once I leave for Lórien, Limthir will have my room until my father removes to Lórien as well. I am glad, for it is almost like having another child in the house again. He is very intelligent, and has a penchant  toward numbers and schematics like my father, and indeed holds him in some reverence. He is eager to travel with my father  to Lórien, not ever having been there in the past, and I hope that the future holds some interesting experiences for him as well. One cannot learn everything about the world within the four walls of the library, for sure.

Time will tell when all those dear to me will be reunited - perhaps not ever on this side of the Sundering Seas, but I am content to follow my own path and trust that duty will not lead me astray. I feel strangely giddy, as I have not felt for many a year, embarking on this journey eastward. It is the first one I have made on my own thought, striking forward with my own two feet, not under the burden of obligation to anyone. It is all we can do, to take hold of the time given us and make the best of it, and I do hope that this journey is the first step on that course.